Published on March 19, 2019

Artificial Village

This is a hand built plains village in a flat world, just for testing purposes. You can test their behaviors, trades, schedules, raids and do whatever you want!

None of the villagers has changed prices.


- 16 houses identical to actual village structures;
- 1 Village Center identical to actual village structures;
- 13 Work Stations;
- 13 Villagers with all trades unlocked;
- 1 Nitwit Villager;
- 1 Unemployed Villager;
- 1 Villager Child;



  • Artificial-Village.mcworld

Supported Minecraft versions

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Would you mind if I use this village for my mod as one of the structures?
Can't download, it says "Download error" in the notifications pannel.
plss make a village TEST MAP with original structures and their job on a plain map plains,savannah,desert,tyga etc.
I suggest you should make buildings for the jobs
It won’t work for me it keeps saying there is a newer version of this.
Sorry, We’ll have to wait till The Rest of the pillage and village update gets released :/
You should make this an addon