Published on June 19, 2020 (Updated on June 19, 2020)

Astral Hearths Add-on

This addon add edible hearts that depending on the one you make will give you more or less hearts and there are some extra ones that are recommended if you go to certain dimensions.


# amethyst:

it is considered a magic mineral that can give you an extra life for a soul

-you can mine it from the layer

30 to 1

-it will help you to create hearts

-you usually find them in large groups of 8 to 12 together but .. you find difficult to find

# Amethyst bottle

Using 8 of amethyst around a bottle you can create this bottle designed to catch souls

# soul bottle

your soul is already trapped, it's as simple as putting 4 souls of sand around the amethyst bottle

•Normal hearts

A similar shield is created but with nothing in place of iron, along with these lower warts in the center of the soul bottela and around it Blaze powder

To craft the following levels you simply have to put 4 of the previous level of hearts for example:


and in this way with all the other levels the levels will be 2 in 2 figures.

Below is the amount of hearts he gives you for his level:

Hearts level 1: 4 hearts

Hearts level 2: 8 hearts

Hearts level 4: 16 hearts

Hearts level 8: 32 hearts

Hearts level 16: 64 hearts

•Extra hearts:

# gold heart:

these are going to give you more hearts than level 1 and it is not so expensive but these hearts if you harm you lose them

-recommended for PvP battles

can be crafted with a level 1 heart in the center and around the gold nuggets

# wither heart:

-gives you 80 hearts

-absorption with 4 hearts more

-recommended to fight ender dragon or guardian

yo Can craft it using a wither star in the center and to the sides of it using level 1 hearts

# dragon heart:

-gives you 200 hearts 

-absorption with 40 hearts more

-the most powerful survival available

you can craft using the dragon egg in the center of it next to the level one hearts and the remaining end crystals

# sea heart:

-gives you conduit power for 800 seconds

-gives you absorption with 4 hearts

-gives you 24 hearts

-recommended for spending a lot of time underwater, exploring aquatic structures

it can be crafted with a heart of the sea in the center at its sides level 1 hearts and the remaining leftover spaces of prismarine

# ender heart:

-gives you 24 hearts

-speed for 800 seconds

-slow falling for 800 Seconds

-absorption with 4 hearts more

-recommended either to fight the dragon or enter end cities

can be manufactured with an ender sl pearl center on the sides of the hearts of this level 1 and on the remaining Espacies eyes of ender

# nether hearth

-gives you fire resistance

-gives you 24 hearts

-absorption  with 4 hearts more

-recommended to go to the nether, assured protection against blaze and lava

you can craft with a nether wart block in the center and around them level 1 hearts in the remaining spaces Blaze powder

all hearts will have absorption for 800 seconds to raise your life, if your life is not completed or you were damaged you can use a golden apple, it will help you heal faster

Select version for changelog:


Added more info & craft info of extra heart's 

•deleted enchanted heart temporarily


  • Astral-Hearts_1592526213.mcaddon

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*Eats all of the hearts and becomes a literal god* NOW THAT I HAVE ALL THE HUMAN SOULS< NO ONE CAN STOP ME AHAHAHAAHA!
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Esto sirve para la 1.16 en servidores??
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No lamentablemente ya ni sirve para la 1.16 solo para 1.14 habrá que esperar al creador haber si actualiza
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it isn't working for me probably because you didn't update it in the nether update version of minecraft
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Yeah is for that but don’t worry I’m updating it and soon will be available for 1.16
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Hi, this is a cool mod that coolly complements the game, but this mod has bugs:
1) craft bug in the crafting code "heart_level_1" there is a wrong error, go, instead of "soul_bottle" there is "soul", so do not craft the heart.
2) in the craft "heart_level_2", "heart_level_4", "heart_level_8", "heart_level_16" instead
" AA",
" AA",
" ".
It was necessary to do so
then it doesn’t matter in which cells you craft and it’s not even necessary to craft in a workbench, you can craft in your inventory.
3) the bug is that after death hp is reset, create an entity next to the player that would reapply the effect of additional hearts or figure out how to solve this problem yourself. (P.s. I am writing through Google translater, your Russian friend :з)
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Thx so much :D ,some errores like bottle craft don’t have that bug just sometimes appears cause all my addons are tested by me, anyways thx for info and I will fix them :D
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glad i helped you
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Cool Add-on!!!!!!!!
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Nice add-on. But one thing, either make the dragon heart a heck lot of more op; or what I recommend is removing it altogether. Since there is only dragon egg in a world, players would want to keep it instead of make an apple out of it. No offense, it's a great add-on. Gonna use it in my survival lets play.
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Thx :D ,I will try to add this on future updates!!
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thanks for replying. Also, I cant use it I my survival due to 1.16. So can you please update it?? You ar e a great add-on creator!!!!!!!
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Um hey were do i put the files?
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Hello!, sorry for be late just download it go to your archives an clock it, probably it will automatic open minecraft and download it
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