Published on June 04, 2020 (Updated on June 24, 2020)

Magic Orbs Add-on

This add-on adds a new orb to your world which can be used to give you different status effects. As long as you hold an orb the status effect will be infinite. You can also create a weapon with the orbs and a couple of objects & more and more.

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Whats new?...

•available for 1.16.

•major bugs fixed.        


  • magic-orbs-addon_1590863719304_1591132122.mcaddon

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Installation Guides

For some reason it won’t let me download the mod which is odd soooo maybe you should update it
What to type with /function to obtain everything at once. Btw you made this great - 5 stars from me.
Where do i find an unpowered orb
Are ya blind ? It literally has a crafting recipe that IS IN THIS POST..... If ya can't find it; It is between the crafting recipe for the fire resistance orb and the unpowered mutated orb....
You have to craft it see on the pet of extra orbs is like the first one on an image appears the craft
If in creative mode, is there a way to obtain here (like the /give command?) Or is it already in obtainable in the inventory?

(Sorry for bad English )
No there is not an Colman’s well yeah but I don’t recomendate it to you cause if you wanna get all the hearts you have to get it 1 by 1 but if you want it... /give @e cc:
Sadly I have to redownload this because I just got 1.16 :(
How I get a unpowered orb?
There appears the craft just read on extra orbs for more I’m here d:
yeah, how do you?
how tf do you do anything, i tried crafting it, tried finding it in the menus, tried summoning. nothing works
Yeah that is happening to me too
How to fix?
It don’t works cause u need to active experimental mode if u don’t know how to do it see an YouTube video
Remember to active experimental or it will not works for more I’m here :D
Or go it don’t work is probably cause you are using another addon is so simply as out the behavior pack of this addon at first and it will works!!
For me it's still not working, I don't have any add ons I am in experimental and it still doesn't work :(
Really good pack! I love it
It seems a little OP. I think you should change some of the crafting recipes since all you need is 8 emeralds and you get the same reward as beating a raid, which almost defeats the purpose of raids.
Thx for suggestion!!! I will add it on future updates :D
Y did u just retexture ender pearls?
Uhh yeah why? .-. you know that’s seems like orbs so....
I think you should switch the rotten flesh into spider eyes or fermented spider eyes, rotten flesh is too easy to obtain :^)
Thx for suggestion men!!! I wil add it on future updates :D
Sorry wrong reply Xd well anyways thx :D