Published on May 23, 2020 (Updated on June 25, 2020)

Bears Addon

This addon adds 8 new species of bears that will find all over the world.

They are all species that exist and existed, there exist more but are sub-species, this addon is BETA if you find a bug please contact us on twitter. Enjoy! :D

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Whats new?...

•available for 1.16 oficialy.

•major bugs fixed.        



  • Bears-Addon_1592533405.mcaddon

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You forgot the tiny little detail to add in a bear

aside from the jokes, i dont get any new bears, even though i have everything turned on
I'll give it four because the grizzly should do more damage than the polar bear because realistically the grizzly bear is a better fighter and has thicker claws and more muscle and is more robust.
Looks like a great addon!
are they tameable??
yes some with honeycomb
love the mod, great concept! however i find the textures for the bear types to be a bit lacking, and could be more realistic to their actual species; i know almost everything there is to know about bears and would love to work with you on the textures with credit!
Yeah it works on realm
I am kaikaigelan (锴锴格兰).Very good addons. It my pleasure to publish your "bears addon " on Minecraft China edition based on our friendly cooperation agreement.
I authorize developer of China edition (name: 锴锴格兰) to publish bears addon to China edition (Free sale) :D
Thx, Jacsjacks.
Hi! Nice addon, congrats! And, for a recomendation, could you add some prehistoric bears? Like, Cave Bears or Agriotheriuns. Whatever, this addon is really amazing XD
Arctodus bear / bulldog bear / short faced bear is prehistoric bear what adds this addon
Thx :D , I already added an prehistoric bear is the arcotudus too knew as cave bear but thx I will add more prehistoric bears :D
Well actually the arcotudus bear is actually the short faced bear not the cave bear. The cave bear is a different species of bear
Are make this addon in addon maker apk?
Hello,yes I made the addon with an app it’s called bridge idk if you know about it for more im here :D
Guest-5431610296 May 24, 2020 at 4:22 pm
it wont work
There are two options 1.-download another time it or 2.-test it on 1.14 for more I’m here :D
Great addon. Use a link shortener.
Muy buen servicio
Hey, can you also add the zombie polar bear from Game of Thrones season 7 to add some tension?
Thx for recommendation already added! Test it
Great, but wrong eye color though, it's suppose to be blue, and it's body lacks rotten flesh, just bones and fur, resembling strays.
Guest-3551272740 May 23, 2020 at 3:23 pm
Do not feed the bears lol! especially the short-face bear, another way to say it’s name. I like the many bears you can see and possibly run too. You should make a sign that says “don’t feed the bears” I had a bad bear encounter in Tennessee and he was not happy I’ll tell you that. Some fixes here and there. So I’ll give you four stars, I will give you five if you can get this popular, you can do it! good luck.
Guest-1635808456 May 23, 2020 at 1:37 pm
Make em all tamable this Addon has alot of potential like maybe baby bears only can be tamed with berries honey and fish and meat
Thx for recomendations!! I will try to add it in future updates