Published on May 18, 2019 (Updated on May 20, 2019)

BanSystem 1.0.1 (FunctionPack)

BanSystem is a function pack that allows you to ban players,

You can ban them for one minute, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and thirty minutes..

(Created By LemsGo10)

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Whats knew:

-Fixed a glitch were if you perm baned someone, you could not unban them.

-Fixed grammar/spelling.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Guest-9696308200 May 28, 2020 at 2:44 am
Use the right stick when in chat
Great but i belive it is possable to make an unban timer where you can ban they leave (not owner of world) then they can come back in 10 mins and will be unbanned also it it si possible to make the player go back to there position when banned and please make a mute command there is a ability @a[tag=unmute] mute false October 22, 2019 at 6:12 pm
Hi, I really want to use your addon however am on xbox and can't scroll through chat so I can't see what I need to put in the command block please tell me the command
Hey... I have looked at the functions of this system and i think it could be improved slightly, would you mind if i improved it? I could send it you after to check it out and you can do whatever you'd like with it... As long as I am able to implement it into my Worlds and Projects (-:
+ added more ban times each number = that amount of time in minutes the ban lasts:
ban1, ban5, ban10, ban15, ban30, ban35, ban40, ban45, ban50, ban55, ban60 and permban.

+added 'owner' protection:
If you use this mod on a server in which you are an 'owner' and you wish that no 'admin' can just /tag themselves as a owner. Just state your gamer tag in the mod's function files at the top of the 'ban' file (remember to open it in notepad, There is instructions of how to state your username in there...)

+added force unban system:
Instantly removes the targets ban by the /tag command.

+ made the target of the ban more into a punishment:
made the target invisible, invincible, unable to move, and unable to speak.
I seemed to have broken a prototype so im restarting the thing from scratch, you can find the new version on my page in a few days and it will be slightly improved... but until then I highly recommend using this addon (:
Hey creator! See my addon! Do you like it?
I’m trying to install this but it doesn’t seem to be working. You say ‘move it into your world’ but which file is that? I’m on iOS and it’s really confusing. Could you help please?
Hey lemsgo10 r u fine with me using your Functionpack in a series on YouTube i just want to know ok
This is a good add-on, keeps my worlds protected so I don't get griefed....Thanks
Does not work on MCPE 1.10. I even typed in the commands exactly how they written here, but still didn't work... Please fix this issue.
Did you follow the 'How to set it up' section?
Can you also add kicking system
Then it wouldn't be a 'BANNING' would it? ?
That's not how it works mate. This doesn't really ban players, it just hides them from everyone else and makes them not able to do anything.
for do that you need to crash his game
who wants kuda shaders?
who wants kuda shaders for bedrock edition? i do. i am only 11 so i do not own any software to make stuff like that. but i would love if people support my ideas. people who want kuda shaders please support my ideas .because every shader i try so far does everything except the water.
Mad I can help with shaders
Cool, do it then.
Cool boi. Can I suggest an improvement? Add 24 Hour, Week and PERM BANS to permanently protect your worlds! That way if someone’s tries to grief you they will be gone forever unless you unban them!
i already added PERM BANS, and a 24hour and week ban wont work vary well, cuz they need to be online for there counter to go down.
Could you make it so that the counter goes down when the player is offline? You could make the player summon 1 entity so the entity can store the scoreboard timer value. Then the player will be teleported to the entity. (Just an idea) tho i dont know how to tell the commands which entity is tracking which player’s timer.