Published on June 26, 2019 (Updated on April 13, 2020)

Better Dispensers Function Pack V3

This Function Pack add a new functionality to dispensers. It allow the dispensers to place Crops , Saplings and some blocks (Currently only Concrete Powder) . It allows players to make automatic crop farms without having the crop being placed by the player.

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Dispensers can now fill Water into cauldrons.

Dispensers can now fill Lava into cauldrons.

Dispensers need to face up to make it a block breakers.

The block breaker breaks blocks only when its powered.

(Updated the explanation video and added an update video)

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Does this work on realms? It worked fine in my personal world but I can't get it to work on realms.
For some reason the command block is not working. I followed all the instructions, and it didn't work correctly. The command block stopped running the command even though it was a repeating.
is why you didn't put the command block in the spawn chunk, i think
Lol I bet you could use the break function to break bedrock
amazing, i wish does was in vanilla :) good work!
Is it possible to make it work with cauldrons? for example if you put a water bottle inside a dispenser it will add 1/3 water to the cauldron and empty the water bottle, and opposite with emptying the cauldron. The same with buckets and potions
CalvinGameing_YouTube January 24, 2020 at 10:37 am
Place sand? PLEASE
Wanted to know if you could make the seeds get planted from a hopper that is above the harvested ground, if you could I’d love to see it!
What about Potatoes?!?!
I will use it in my let's play from now on. It's a great addon! I will put the credit and the mcpedl link into the description. My youtube name is: "Lasami Salagne".
I forgot to rate:/
Why ain't minecraft done this already! Great job btw.
Does it need to be in a ticking area to always work?