Published on April 11, 2022 (Updated on April 16, 2022)

Better UI

If it happens to you like me, you will feel that the ui of the game seems quite outdated, here I have the best solution for it called Better UI. With this texture you can change the ui, configuring it to your liking, choosing whether to change the experience bar, the armor bar, the object selector, etc. You can take a look and download it below and remember that this texture may be updated soon ;-)

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 Added a new experience bar that only has the default colors. 

4 new options have arrived for the pack, all of them related to the new variation of the experience bar.

And little small changes



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very nice the ui looks so much better if i didnt find this texture pack i would be so sad right now :)
Hi um creator can you please add a cake hunger bar please also i like the pack.
Random question and be honest 🤨
Is that xp bar and hotbar yours? Cuz i remember seeing those in another pack with more variations and shet, so just askin...
Yes, the texture you are talking about is one of mine, which I deleted to remake them
In addition, it is similar to a Java one to which I asked its creator for permission to create a similar one
but what's wrong with you hater?
I'm not going to bother answering any more comments from this type of people who come to criticize my work just because their favorite YouTuber tells them so, really, I hope that one day these kids grow up and see how stupid what they were doing
This comment has been removed