Published on September 28, 2019 (Updated on September 28, 2019)

Biome Chooser 19 Concept (Addon)

This is a concept of the upcoming biome updates, This is 100% based only on the information we have from the official Minecraft YouTube channel. Similar to what we did last year with Biome Chooser 18

This addon is here to give you an idea of what the updates might look like, Therefor help you vote

The Badlands:


Nothing special in the behaviours


They roll and stop randomly, drops stick after you break them

The Swamp:


Nothing special in the behaviors, They jump around and have some pretty animations

Boats with Chests:

Not craftable, you can ride them and store items in them. Supports only 1 rider

The Mountains:


Similar to Sheep, They drop mutton and wool, You can milk them, You can bread them with wheat, or ride them and use Wheat to control them, similar to Pigs. Happy Robcat99_?


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Make them with sounds also fix the culture spawn egg says spawn vultrue.(also make a java 1.16 concept addon)
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Looks like it redirect me to the virus...
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no tranquilo no tiene virus ya lo descargue y lo estuve jugando
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Goat has no sound bug or glitch I dnt
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Every time I try to download it to minecraft it just says invalid zip or whatever
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The problem with this is that the mobs don’t have sounds. The vultures don’t grab your items and vulture’s spawn egg says “vultrue”.
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Как насчёт сделать концепт адских мобов с майнкона?
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Mountains won the vote which will be updated first
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Make an option where you can breed a sheep and a goat to make a Geep, Geeps are real animals.
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Hi, great addon! Would you be able to make another one just including the goats? Thanks!
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Sry I have to reply to say that I accidentally did it twice. Sorry lol
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Hi, great addon! Would you be able to make a separate addon just including the goats?
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Hi, I'd like to port your Vanilla+ addon (the one about the zombie horses) into the latest version of mcpe, you will still get credit (at the very top of the post) I'd just like to train my coding abilities by porting old addons.
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