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No longer is cinematic video shots something exclusive to Java edition. I give you, Cinematron. It’s a simple command based tool that will allow you to get cool looking, cinematic shots in no time.

Cinematron is an Add-on that will allow you to make cinematic videos, showcasing your build. It was inspired by The Replay Mod that is available on Java.

Cinematron’s features include:

  • Smooth camera movements
  • Easy way to add points for the camera to follow
  • Dynamic and Stationary focus points
  • Adjustable replay speeds
  • Compatibility with multiplayer

Armor stands will pop up when you add a new point to the path, to visualize where the point is. Please note that this add-0n uses the player as a camera, so if you want to record yourself doing something, your going to need the help of a friend, so that you can make them the camera.

The commands are fairly simple and user friendly, complete with error messages when something is wrong.

 You can type “/function CThelp” to get a quick tutorial on how to use the add-on.

Check out this video below on my YouTube channel for for a detailed tutorial on how to use it.

Few tips

  • When you add a new replay, make sure to do it from the player who will be the camera (if you want to record yourself, type “/function add_replay” on your friends device).
  • Do not remove points, once you have added the “end_point” since this will break everything. if you want to reduce the amount of points, you’ll have to do “/function remove_all” and start over.
  • “/function remove_all” removes everything, including the camera and the focus points.
  • When a focus point was set successfully, you’ll see a green message in the chat.
  • To add a dynamic focus point, make sure to stand next to the mob/player you want to focus on before typing “/function dynamic_focus_point.
  • Type “/function CThelp” for the complete guide or watch this tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy making your cinematic masterpiece with Cinematron

Changelog View more
  • Added ability to have multiple targets
  • Made dynamic tracking a lot smoother
  • Added options to adjust smoothness
  • Minor changes


Supported Minecraft versions


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33 Responses

4.23 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. paladinodeimari says:

    Is there anyone who can help me to install Cinematron on a current world (not new one).
    I’m on BedRock Edition Windows 10.
    Thank You!

  2. Stick Boy says:

    I have this glitch were the camera doesn’t go to the end point and just infinitely goes in the direction of the last point, so let’s say after 3 point I did the end point in a different place, it wouldn’t go towards the end point and instead would go infinitely in the direction the 3 point was going, I would appreciate any help/tips to fix this

  3. Gabriel7550 says:

    Nice job I think it’s great

  4. GreyDig says:

    Hi! Does this work with Realms? I have tried applying it to my Realm but it does not work.

  5. Vader_ says:

    This is a great addon!Can I translate some content in your add-on, such as message in the chat, into Chinese and publish it? I will mark you as the original author and attach this link

    • Don293764 says:

      Why does achievements always turn off for me I tried I like in achievement I haven’t unlocked before but it didn’t work because when I turn on it it turns off achievementsDoes anyone know how to fix this?

  6. JasonBourne051 says:

    Can it be used in servers? Like CubeCraft or the hive?

  7. twiggydiamond says:

    can i use it for maps show-off videos it would be so great

  8. Kaexotix says:

    I like the concept of this, however I have a suggestion. It would be cool if you could apply easing and smoothing with differing equations and animations. If that could be done, that would be one of the most innovative and coolest addons on this website. Very cool!

    • Kaexotix says:

      If you’ve ever animated like I have, you’d know what I’m talking about. You don’t have to make the easing custom with equations, but at least add basic easing functions such as linear, sine, cubic, elastic, in/out, etc.

  9. Hothaifah24 says:

    it’s a bit laggy pls fix this, and pls how can i replay the record without remove all my work and setup it again? , other than that.. it’s a great addon

  10. its_Brix says:

    Will not recommend this to low end phones while recording a cinematic shot on infinite world, it will make your world laggy when you are recording on a infinite world. If your phone is low end i suggest to record on flat to make your world less laggy. you will encounter lags too in flat but less.

  11. Sufs gaming says:

    You have to type /function start_replay so many times before it starts

  12. The Addon is way too laggy when I start the replay.. I’m on an Android phone and 1.16 for me is way too laggy in general.. Is there a way to prevent the chat from being spammed? I am giving this Addon three stars only because of the lag..

  13. Espio347 says:

    Please try to add a function so that we can record ourselves doing something without a Friend needed.
    5 stars to you from my side

  14. Hothaifah24 says:

    Omg!! so cool!
    it is a great addon, i tried it and it’s worked just like the Reply Mod on Java Edition. It’s so easy to use and it’s so helpful.
    thanks a lot creator♡♡

  15. Khiro says:


    I want to support the creator of this send me a bunch of ads >:>>>

  16. Perfect for vids about me building my maps… I’ll give it a try

  17. SKY KK says:

    Pls update this that none multiplayer cause my minecraft was google download so thats free but i cant sign up because of error or somthing

  18. Stick Boy says:

    Thank you for this, truly grateful, my only problem is that the dynamic point doesn’t work and sometimes it refuses to work but other than that it’s Perfect

    • I’ll try to change up the range to be a bit higher, since at the moment you have to be pretty much right next to it. (also you should do /function add_replay before adding a new target, that might also be the problem)

  19. BlueBerryMC says:

    Make a How To Video Separate and I ma Make Video On This Art

  20. NARI0978 says:

    It’s a practical add-on and I’ll use it!

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