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Published on October 10, 2020 (Updated on June 20, 2021)

Classic Vanilla

Classic Vanilla aims to achieve the old feeling of Minecraft. This started as a personal project to update the texture pack, “Classic Alternative” and does use assets from that pack, however with permission from InfiniteVoid

If you enjoy the old textures of Minecraft, before Jappa and Microsoft, this texture pack is for you.


To begin, wool colours have been changed to before the world of colour update, additionally, the ender chest is reminiscent of the ender chest from the ender storage mod, likely where mojang got the idea from. The wither painting, or as it previously was the temple of notch painting, has been changed to another piece of art by Kristopher Zetterstrand, the artist for all Minecraft Paintings



There are also 3 different world colours you can choose from. One being the default. The second is the neon version from earlier java editions. And the last is Alpha PE from the early PE days.



Food has also been changed to resemble old food textures, only some foods are shown, not all

Java ui is also compatible, however, Nostalgic/PvP addon is also required

Additional images:


Villagers and Illagers

Nether Woods


The classic loading screen is back with a solid dirt background and the green loading bar.

Finally, the end. Dragon has the red dragon texture which was a scrapped, tamable dragon. Dragon egg is also now red. endermite and endermen use a smoke particle to match the endermans old particles.

thanks to InfiniteVoids for permission to using his assets aswell as There_is_a_use for the pigmen models!

Select version for changelog:

  • Quick Note: This is the final update for this pack, i have simply lost motivation to continue this project. I may update when 1.18 comes out, however, it will likely take a while. Thank you all for the kind comments and downloading my pack.
  • Another note: Both Neon and Alpha addons must go above the main pack, otherwise it will not work

Changelog 1.17:

  • Blocks:
    - Lava has new texture for the Alpha/Neon edition
    - Stonecutter has a bottom texture
    - Tweaked a few beta grass textures
    - Composter’s compost has been changed to look like dirt
    - Cauldron has a similar colour to the anvil
    - Ender Chest looks like ender storage mod texture where the ender chest was based off of
    - Stone bricks are lighter
    - Coral blocks are changed and look more older
    - Crimson Trapdoor has been reverted back
    - Piston resembles the first unused texture
    - Target Block finally has a texture
    - Observer front texture now resembles original observer and matches other redstone machine blocks
    - White, Orange, Cyan, and Magenta Glazed Terracotta have their original texture, for better or worse
    - Signs have been completely re done, except for the logs on the signs
    - Crimson Planks have been made darker and resemble  oak
    - Lantern blocks are lighter
    - Chains are lighter
    - Dripstone is Blockier
    - Deepslate has a classicy texture
    - Deepslate is named Grimstone again
    - Majority of 1.17 blocks added
    - fletching table has an oak plank bottom rather than its original birch
    - Lodestone has a rougher stone like texture
  • Items:
    - Alpha/Neon edition has new lava bucket texture to match the lava texture
    - Rabbit hide is larger and looks more like leather
    - Rabbit foot looks like a raw food
    - Cooked Rabbit texture has been tweaked to resemble the programmer art textures
    - Raw Rabbit texture has been tweaked to resemble the programmer art textures
    - Flint and steel uses the first ever texture
    - Flint looks like that of the flint and steel
    - honey makes a drinking noise rather than a honey noise
    - Lantern matches soul lantern colour
    - Suspicious Stew is named Mysterious Stew
    - Lantern Items, both normal and soul variety, are lighter in colour
    - Majority of 1.17 items added
  • Entities:
    - Endermen eyes actually glow
    - Wither armor is fixed
    - Iron golem has breaking texture if using Java Aspects
    - Ravager’s Eyebrows have been tweaked
    - Enderman Smoke particles are back, however, potion particles are still broken because of it.
    - Zombie villagers have the steve clothing like they used to
  • Other:
    - Manifest completely redone
    - Title for Java Ui has been added
    - neon edition and Alpha subpack will now be separate from this pack and will be a sort of overlay
    - Switched to Java PvP Ui/Nostalgic Ui, Normal Java Ui textures are still there and can be re named and switched out
    - Old Player Stats added
    - Pack Icon is changed
    - Frost Hearts added
    - “Seaside” painting has been reverted to the first version of it
    - “The stage is set” has been reverted to the first version
    - temple of notch painting has been changed to another painting of Zetterstrand
  • Known Bugs:
    - Panorama is slightly cut off, unfortunately i do not have the resources to fix that
    - Particles for potions are gone, easy fix is to delete the particles folder. However, enderman smoke will be gone


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4.59 / 5 (34 votes)
The legend has to be continued no one should forget about the old days of minecraft. (Except for ppl with Alzheimer's)
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1 July 02, 2021 at 6:43 pm
This is a good texture pack it really feels so classic but there is one problem, When I hold a bow it looks weird and can you please fix that and you forgot to update your other texture pack called progamer art.
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1 July 02, 2021 at 6:44 pm
I mean programer art.
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I can tell you are less active with this pack since When I used it some of the things like azalea(normal) did not sound like grass but flowering azalea did
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My world can’t again. Pls fix again texture classic.
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what mean is put over the main pack?
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Can you put three textures together? Just like the last version.
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TheGuyWhoLikesMinecraft June 23, 2021 at 11:08 pm
Been using this texture pack since the 1.16 update. Literally my favorite texture pack ever. If you want a good classic-styled texture pack this is 100% for you.
btw you did an amazing job keep up the good work!
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I've vern working on a resource pack just like this for months, did you use any textures from my beta? Just wondering
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No, I don’t typically browse mcpedl, so I wasn’t aware of your pack.
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1.17 is here
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I have a question and that question is when you change the colormaps does that change the textures of the blocks and mobs for instance, if not can you add those? and does activating this pack change the logo to the old cobblestone version? i really hope that you can also add the pre-1.13 texture changes, and pre-villager textures, because if so, then this pack will not just focus on the classic version but every single time the textures have been changed when you modify the slider, so if you can, please add that, because it'll be very evolvy, and I'm pretty sure all the Minecraft Veterans who play bedrock edition as well will appreciate it. Thanks
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Colormaps only change the grass colour which would be the colour of leaves depending on biome, and the colour of grass blocks depending on their biome. It does not change textures and does not affect mobs.
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Yes, it’s coming very soon, maybe this or early next week. Just need to tweak a few more textures and it should be done.
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Are you gonna update the texture for 1.17? because of the goats and new blocks?
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Link to the old end stone:
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