Classic Vanilla [1.16]

Classic Vanilla aims to achieve the old feeling of Minecraft. This started as a personal project to update the texture pack, “Classic Alternative” and does use assets from that pack, however with permission from InfiniteVoid

This pack changes many things to bring back the classic feel of Minecraft.

Firstly, the classic leather armour is back!

The leather armour now colours all of the armour rather than having some of the undyed patches.

Neon grass addon, built into the pack as a subpack, there is also the alpha foliage

The pack also brings back the old ore blocks, using multiple textures for each side rather than one singular textureI have also updated the Netherite block myself 🙂

Some of the textures for the 1.15 blocks+ Anvil, scaffolding, enchanting table, and end portal frame

Also, old mob textures are back! Theres the classic villager, (which does not have any biome outfits just the classic plains biome) aswell as a new spin on the Wandering trader, inspired by the original design for the wandering trader, the “Mysterious Merchant”I have also brought back the classic Pigmen, both zombified and regular, Piglin Brute now wears a leather tank topModels were not made by me, but rather another user named, “There_is_a_use”

Also Crimson Wood and Warped wood are oldifed 🙂

Some of the old new nether blocks!

The old beacon is back, new crimson and warped nylium.

Finally, The classic loading screen is here once again! Along with the original smoke particles that the Endermen once usedI will try to continually update this pack aswell as bring some, extra packs to go along with this pack.

thanks to InfiniteVoids for permission to using his assets aswell as There_is_a_use for the pigmen models!

Changelog View more

- added neon foliage in the pack

- added alpha foliage in the pack

- Fixed bug with crimson and warped nylium

- Added old beacon texture

- New Piglin Brute texture to better fit the classic style.

- Updated Lectern to the old concept texture.

-Added PvP edition link main version is recommended to use with the pvp edition (:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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36 Responses

4.27 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. SteveEmeraldClaw says:

    I love how you put in the effort to make everything look like the early days of Minecraft but in today’s time, it gives it nostalgia while having to see the new blocks being recreate in Minecraft’s old style. I am more scared of Phantoms due how they look and I adore that, and seeing stuff like the Pigs, lava, gravel, and wood textures is just “Wow.” One question, when and why does the moon turn red occasionally? Is it like the full moon/new moon state?

    • Indev says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! People like you keep me motivated to update this texture pack. The moon uses that texture as its first phase. It changes that way to give a distinction between the new moon and other moons

  2. Thelimgamer says:

    Please Make Mediafire Link, Im really Fricked On this drive, doesnt show the file size, and when i lag, it fails the download, please give mediafire link.

  3. Legendary Creeper says:

    VERY NICE Texture Pack, little Qeustion can use the multiply Texture for my Texture pack? I didnt know how to make it and I need the very old Dimond-, …. Blocks please allow

  4. Dustboy says:

    Dude, thank you so much for not putting dangerous ad links into the downloading process, let your soul rest in Heaven.

  5. xXSuperZapXx says:

    All I want is the grass to be neon. But otherwise, This is Perfect!

  6. B.S. says:

    I can’t download this, because when I click download, a 0 byte file is downloaded

  7. AThousandSunny54 says:

    Omg I can’t belive this! I remember the good times where it was like this thanks for making the pack! Looking forward for some updates! I recommend adding the old sounds too!

  8. MiserableMarble says:

    I love the classic style of minecraft! Always brings back good times. This pack emulates that feeling pretty much dead on. Though, could you add the old foliage? Either the neon or the dark green one would make it 10x better

  9. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    ummmm can you plz make the link NOT on drive

  10. ShadowBolt says:

    This isn’t a hate comment, but photoshopping the textures to make others is kinda annoying, especially for the ore blocks part

  11. altKcruncy says:

    Can you make another 1 For 1.13 Old texture?
    Before 1.14 Texture changes I dont like super old texture i think its just ugly like Lava Diamond block gold emerals etc.

  12. altKcruncy says:

    Can you do 1.13 before 1.14 texture changes This textures is too Old i dont like it

  13. B.S. says:

    Wow 100/10

    I am working on a texture pack with the same concept as classic alternative too

  14. Hybred says:

    Not good. Wouldn’t download

  15. JoeBo says:

    Wow just wow. You know there’s packs that try to do the same type of thing but what usually happens is they make the pack look like it’s from a rip off fan game but you made your pack fit perfectly within the base game. I look forward to seeing you update this pack and hopefully you are able to complete it and still have time to texture for caves and cliffs.

  16. flamingcookies says:

    This is pretty cool! I really like the green-eyed enderman, I actually remember an idea someone had that the enderman could turn back to green when the dragon was defeated (cause they wouldn’t be under her control), but that’s a side-tangent. Nice work on this pack!

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