Demogorgon Add-on (1.14+)

Demogorgon is a monster from the popular TV show called “Stranger Things”. It’s immensely powerful.. Targeting and attacking a Demogorgon is extremely tricky as if you attack one then all of them in your surroundings will focus on you. They have some crazy animations as well!


Demogorgon and Dartagnan will spawn at night time or in caves and will also spawn and live in the Nether. 


When it spots a target it will sneak up. Once it gets close to it’s target, It will do a jumpscare roar and attack! When there is no targets around after the other target, for about 3-4 seconds, it will heal itself! Once killing the demogorgon, it will drop Slug Item!

  • Health: 150
  • Attack damage: 8
  • Loot: 0-2 Slug Item


It is similar to a Demogorgon, but It has types of stages, and wild dartagnans will be afraid of Iron Golems

The Pollywog

A small worm that is harmless to players but will attack only one mob, which is a chicken, and will eat any food that is on the ground except fish, Yet also tameable with meat except fish.


  • Health: 6 
  • Attack Damage: 2


  • Health: 14
  • Attack Damage: 5

The Frogogorgon

Familiar to a frog but attacks chickens and rabbits, and will eat any food that is on the ground except fish, Yet it is harmless to players, a bit faster than The Pollywog, and tameable too. 


  • Health: 10
  • Attack Damage: 4


  • Health: 22
  • Attack Damage: 9

The Catogorgon

A size of an cat and not harmless to players at all. It attacks any animal on ground and some mobs, and also are tameable but will be hard to tame. When it sees a target from far distance, it will jump and attack the target, which is similar to Fox’s attack.


  • Health: 18
  • Attack Damage: 6


  • Health: 30
  • Attack Damage: 13

The Demodog

A size of a wolf but stronger, faster then The Catogorgon, and not tameable. It will attack any animals and more mobs, but will not attack mobs in water. When it sees a target from far distance, it will jump and attack the target, which is similar to Fox’s attack. but stronger.

Differences between Wild and Tamed:

If its Wild, Demodog will have the final stage which will eventually form into a Demogorgon showing particle effects, but it will take some time to form.

As for Tamed, Demodog will not be able to have the final stage form into demogorgon, instead it will be able to be breedable.


  • Health: 24
  • Attack Damage: 10
  • Loot: 0-1 Slug Item


  • Health: 46
  • Attack Damage: 18
  • Loot: 0-1 Slug Item


An weird slimy item that is dropped from demogorgon and dartagnan. Once it is spawned, it won’t be able move and it is very weak. Leaving it for more than a minute will form into the first stage of dartagnan. Trying to remove or killing the slug will not drop the item!!! So becareful using it! 

  • Health: 6

In Collaboration:

There is a separate resource subpack in the addon to change textures which have Vanilla (Default) and Bare Bones!!! 

Special thanks to RobotPantaloons for letting me make demogorgon’s bare bones textures for Barebones Texture Pack supporting the Demogorgon Add-On!!!

Link to Bare Bones Texture Pack


Coming soon…

Gameplay Video

Coming soon..

Please, do not use direct links for this addon and any files including the models, and coded files from the demogorgon add-on without my permission!!!!! If so you will be reported about this!!!

Changelog View more

Version 3.1

  • Bug Fixes

Fixed an bug while taming Dartagnans in Minecraft 1.16+ Beta

Version 3.0

  • New Mobs:



  • New Item:


  • Changes:

            New Demogorgon Behavior & Model

            Sound Improvements

  • Removed Mobs:

            Baby Demogorgon


  • Now supports with 1.10.x with changes. and new features!
  • Now the Add-On is no longer in Experimental Gameplay mode
  • Demogorgon has better detailed animations.
  • Demogorgon can eat any meat raw or cooked items
  • Demogorgon's model is a bit changed and improved!.Added Baby Demogorgon! Much faster then normal Demogorgon and will directly attack a target!
  • New Thumbnail


4 Steps to install the Add-On:

1. "Optional" If you still have the old versions of this add-on, please remove it on the minecraft storage settings!

1. Download The Add-On

2. Apply the packs for a world

3. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16 RTX Beta

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231 Responses

4.59 / 5 (109 votes)
  1. AWFUL! There is NO new creatures except demogorgon, slug and dartagnan. LIAR I HOPE YOU GET BANNED

  2. Stick Boy says:

    This message will probably get lost in but I wanted to know if I could use this addon in a video, I’ll leave a link to this page and give credits

  3. OrcaWorld says:

    AwwAWwAw , Frogogons. Such a CUUUUUUTE!!!

  4. Guest-2554175130 says:

    This add on is perfect for my Stranger Things Role play.

  5. Guest-8391552092 says:

    Eating animation is broken

  6. PERFECT!!! The animations, the model and the behavior are all perfect. If you want to tame a cool looking pet or make survival more challenging this is the perfect add-on for you! Just 2 suggestions:
    1. It doesn’t attack mob from other add-ons because you just listed every vanilla mob in the attack behavior instead of just making it attack everything other than other demogorgons, if you need help with that look at the vanilla vindicator.
    2. The hit sound is very loud and annoying, maybe make it less loud.
    Those 2 are not really necessary, and even if you don’t do them the add-on will still be perfect

  7. Guest-2034785421 says:

    Can I ask you a question can you please do this can you make a stranger things mod what can you put on the characters in season 1 and 2 you don’t have to do season 3 I don’t want skins like I want actual characters the demogorgon or the demodog eleven Mike will everybody can you wipe you know make all the characters like a stranger things mod because I love that please you already did a good job on this do you like make a mod of stranger things that’ll be nice you can make a season 1 or 2 if you want or 3 please Do them in order yeah make a stranger things mod okay bye hopefully you get my comment

  8. Guest-2502064813 says:

    How do I get the addon please?

  9. Guest-8659777411 says:

    This made me realize addons could be in RTX

  10. Guest-9374167399 says:

    Are you going to add the shadow monster and the season 3 mind flyer

  11. This add-on is great. Good for survival worlds and horror maps or even a stranger things fan map.
    If possible can you make a Granny chapter 2 add-on pls? If you don’t know what granny is then I suggest to Ider look it up or play the mobile game on you mobile device. Or even look up a Markiplier video of granny and granny chapter 2. Plus if possible you can make the custom items for the add-on.

  12. Guest-1766965275 says:

    This mod is incredible. I ran it on a realm for a few days, and it completely changed the game in an awesome way. Unfortunately, I do not think this mod is compatible with realms, because now the server corrupts almost daily. I tried out various different theories and solutions, and the only common denominator for what causes the corruption is this addon. It is indeed a tragedy because everyone loved this addon, which is why I am still giving a 4 star, but please look into this. I really want to use it more in the future, but as of right now, I simply cannot use it for my needs.

    • Guest-9492482305 says:

      Does it work with experimental gameplay? Just asking before I glitch my Minecraft XD

      • Guest-7898622379 says:

        I think it works with and without it, it just struggles on realms from my experience. I think it actually had something to do with breeding the mobs in the pack, but I am not sure

  13. Guest-9422869450 says:

    This mod is amazing and perfect for a survival but a few things. Slugs eat meat but dont grow and personally I think the spawn rates are quite high for both overworld and nether, for a more realistic vibe, try tone the spawn rates down to maybe seeing 1 every 4-5 nights and seeing around 3 every hour in the nether, about that rare and make them spawn alone to give a more stranger things vibe. Thats my opinion though but im sure itd make for a more realistic survival. Other than that everything is brilliant, animations to gameplay.

  14. JujuStyle7 says:

    Update on Demogorgon:

    Found the bug for taming dartagnans on Minecraft 1.16+ Beta, and fixed
    Update V3.1 is coming soon

  15. Anonymous says:

    Man the models and behaviors of this addon are CRAZY GOOD! Keep it up, my dude!

  16. Guest-6682189746 says:

    i really like this addon because works in survival mode!

  17. Guest-9334787001 says:

    I like the addon but how can i tame them i tried feeding them raw foods and when they grow they started attaking me and killed me 2 times

  18. JujuStyle7 says:

    If you are on the latest beta on minecraft bedrock, there is an issue with taming Dartagnans..
    sorry about this issue in the game

    Working on a quick update for it as fast as I can

  19. Guest-3275406629 says:

    I can’t download this, I’m on an IPhone 10. It downloads to my “Files” app. When I click on it, it will take me to Minecraft as expected and start trying to download, but then it will stop and tell me it couldn’t work or something. No valid ZIP file, and other stuff. Is there a solution to this? I don’t want to download addition apps

  20. Guest-3501815735 says:

    Umm tame?

  21. Guest-5882768354 says:

    Add a mind flatter in his air form add a mind flatter in his physical form add the hospital monster and add the vines and a new dimension plz

  22. Guest-1896604818 says:

    i used to be able to download it but now the i cant get on to the site is there any way you could fix that

  23. AlexanderCrystals says:

    When 1.16 comes out without beta do you think custom dimensions would be an option for addon creators, if so, could you make an upside down with the mind flair and the fleshy mind flair (s3) this would be really cool and make it super scary, maybe mobs could be posed if part of the mind flair touches them and it makes all mobs aggressive, you don’t have to do this I’m just throwing ideas around, idk might be fun.

  24. Guest-6342038327 says:

    How to team darts

  25. TaxingHawk says:

    This addon is really well-made than most packs. The textures really fits in vanilla

  26. Guest-4988592309 says:

    desuellamentes boss

  27. Guest-7066262400 says:

    nice addon but the dog isnt on the pack for me

  28. Guest-4824527766 says:

    Actually a really good add on this is like the best one I’ve found

    • Guest-9515093255 says:

      I love this addon a lot actually,but bigger problems is much more well made than this,not saying that this mod is bad,cause that’s just lie if I said it was bad

  29. Bean Boy says:

    Hey i REALLY like this addon and i’ve been waiting for it out come out for AGES but theres one thing i wanna ask the creator… you know the barebones x demegorgon thing. theres a cat on the side of the frame and i wanna know if the lil cutie got hurt. i like cats and dogs but i dont want the “cat” hurt even though its not real its still cute plz reply

  30. Guest-3986914777 says:


  31. Guest-8552632393 says:

    Can u make it a mediafire 1.4 verzion mod also

  32. Guest-9062558921 says:

    Good addon you should add eggspawner

  33. Guest-6283664360 says:

    I’m not satisfy.. sorry.. 😒😒😒👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 not good addon not recommended..

  34. Guest-3198287701 says:


  35. Red Fan says:

    The update is amazing! Thank you so much for updating this awesome Addon!

  36. Guest-3568277388 says:


  37. Guest-3570765682 says:

    This may have been asked before, but is there any java port for this?

  38. Demodog says:

    Ya stranger things

  39. Gripss says:

    Link is broken.
    I had it before now I cant get it.

  40. Dottore Strano says:

    Make it for 1.12 and 1.13 please

  41. cadendabshard26 says:

    I Cannot Use Mods From This App On My Xbox One Please Let Us Use The Mods On Xbox One.

  42. Calum says:

    Can you add stranger things add on because it is going to be cool and the star court? In December 29th

  43. FizzySwizzy says:

    I love this addon! I don’t watch Stranger Things but Demogorgons always fascinate me. I love how alive they feel! The noises, the movements, etc. Truly one of my top favorite addons. The only issue I have is that this addon seems to be very restricting. It’s hard to find good addons that work well alongside this one, since most addons just make the Demogorgons become invisible. I’m not sure if you can fix this, but I thought it’d be a good thing to alert you about. Otherwise, I reallllyyy love this addon!! Thank you!

  44. StealthBubble says:

    I would like to say that this addon is almost near to
    perfection as the animations and details are amazing, the detailed audio is incredible! Only improvement I would say to complete this addon, is to give it an entity drop after death, defeating one can be a pain so we should at least get a few pieces of meat (raw) including a single gold nugget or what you think best suits it.

  45. Pene pene, escroto pene says:

    Ey, can you make a mind flayer addon?

  46. Dakota Needham says:

    Can I transfer the addon to my xbox one

  47. PlumMedusa19070 says:

    Can u do a favor JujuStyle7? Can u make The King From OreSpawn/ Crazy Craft and Royal Guardian Armor Replaces Diamond and it gives u slow falling and and the Royal Guardian Sword to Replace the Trident Thx for reading

    • PlumMedusa19070 says:

      Also make the King HP 7,000 with a boss Bar saying “The King”

    • PlumMedusa19079 says:

      Abilities: strikes lightning, shoots fireballs, ice breath, rapid speed of regeneration, huge amount of knockback, flying through walls.

      • PlumMedusa19070 says:

        The King may be spawned using a Spawn Egg from its own dungeon.

        • PlumMedusa19070 says:

          Defense: 21 (Same as Resistance IV/Protection X) For The King

        • PlumMedusa19070 says:

          Overall, Royal Guardian gear is arguably the best set in the mod. The Royal Guardian Sword does 750 attack damage, has 9000 durability and has extended reach. Royal Guardian armor has a multitude of enchantments, ranging from Projectile/Fire/Blast/Protection X to Feather Falling/slow fall and Respiration. It also has the following statistics:

          Helmet: 8 defense (4 armor bars)

          Chestplate: 14 defense (7 armor bars)

          Leggings: 12 defense (6 armor bars)

          Boots: 8 defense (4 armor bars)

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is incredible, its very fun,i use it in alot of my worlds.But i would like it if you can make them tameable

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can you replace the baby with demo dog. And the nether with the upside down

  50. Win m 96569 says:

    Why not add mind flare?
    Subscribe to me my yt
    Is win m 96569

  51. Anonymous says:

    Ummmmm, cool mod bet the Demigods I spawned in with an spawn egg and they were invisible no joke, I literally watched about 10 cats die with no killer in sight then made a separate world and watched a mule die

  52. Joseph ferrara says:

    I can’t download it can any body tell me how? Pls tell me is this right every time I click on the link it takes me to

  53. Joseph ferrara says:

    I can’t download it can any body tell me how? Pls

  54. Sven says:

    I love this add-on. But can you change the baby demororgon into an demodog so it looks a bit more realistic. Thnx!

  55. Arhe says:

    Ey, can you make an demodog domesticable please?

  56. Raizer_6 says:

    Ok, so I found a really awesome “bug”, the “pigman feature” of the demogorgon in which you attack one of them then the same surrounding species will attack, well it affects all the neutral and hostile mobs not only that when the demogorgon spots it’s target for example a cow, and roars at it all the surrounding hostile and neutral mobs within a certain radius will “submit” to the roar and attack the demogorgon’s target like the demogorgon commanded all the surrounding mobs hostile and neutral to attack that specific mob, could you please confirm if this is a bug or not? If it is a bug could you make this an official feature?

  57. Ravanoo says:

    Please fix the invisible domegorgon don’t let this wonderful addon go to waste I saw in videos and the animation was incredible for an addon mabye one of the best so please fix it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Could you put the UPSIDE DOWN DIMENSION thank you😄

  59. Kirshs says:

    Is there going to be an update coming out soon? The demogoron is invisible 🙁

  60. Greg says:

    U should.make this mod work with any other mod mm good suggestion

  61. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I have got some suggestions for this addon. For the baby demogorgon (SPOILER) in season 2 is on all 4 legs and has a tiny tail why not do that. When the Demogorgon is near the lights will flicker. When the demogorgon is in attack mode it can break through walls. Make the demogorgon have 100 hp like the iron golem. Make the demogorgon also attack illagers and witchs. Lastly make the demogorgon able to open doors of any kind.

  62. Yezilan says:

    Hey could we not use Adfly to link to the download page? You can get many viruses using Adfly.. can we change the link to a mediafire page instead?

    • Xynnful says: is for the creators to get some money off their add-on or whatever it is that they made.
      If you see some links that directly go to the download page, congrats! You encountered a creator that doesn’t need money or just wants to share their add-on/resource pack/skin pack or whatever it is that they made.

      • JopoJelly says:

        I reccomend 2shrt or something similar to adfly that still gives you money becouse peaple are hacking adfly and making it redirect you to virus sites instead if the mediafire link, adfly used to be good but now its not.

  63. JuanP45 says:

    hello I really like this addon but there is a problem, could you make the demogorgon appear naturally? if you read it, thank you very much for taking my opinion into account <3

  64. Danilo151 says:

    Please can fix a bug in mcpe,the adult demogorgon in the roar animation not have correct the head place,is some moved in the front the head,and not is pretty the head position,please can fix this,i ask them,thanks

  65. Maverick says:

    Can you make it destroy blocks? That be cool if got angry and it just became this indestructible

  66. H2Os says:

    I cant get this to work on android. Dow loaded the map pack but when I click on it, it just says unsupported file, instead of trying to load it into minecraft.

  67. it's not working 🙁 says:

    it’s not working in .. the spawn egg is color black and the mob is invisible…☹️☹️

  68. Realms says:

    back again ik u are working on tge mutants but after u done with the mutant addon maybe xenomorphs

  69. Andrei says:

    This addon is so cool, but increase it’s damage so it would be so dangerous!

  70. Mcpe pro says:

    Help its says it suports 1,11 beta but I have 1,11,0,1 beta but the spawn egg is black and the mob Is invisible pls fix this bug

  71. Josephine57 says:

    It’s not working the version I have is right it’s The addon says please fix it thank you

  72. Redhood1121 says:

    can you make a ruby. mcpedl wont accept mines and can it have the same fetures as in java with anadditional jump boost strength and speed. if your willing to make it plz just make it because i just want that in and you can take the criedit. the sword does 18 the pickaxe does 9 and has haste. the axe does 10 . and the shovel does 8

  73. I love Stranger Things, thanks for this amazing addon!
    It Works perfectly!

  74. Maverick says:

    This is actually pretty cool

  75. I’m de best says:

    I can’t download it….

  76. Derprogerm82 says:

    You can make a great 1.14 addon…..but you cant animate, i like stranger things and i think this addon is a good representation of the new addons…nice!😏

  77. Arshil says:

    Please make it compatible with other addons, it turns invisible when used with the villager comes alive addon.

  78. Animatronic says:

    Bug other mobs attack then it is agrowed

  79. Brayden108 says:

    I love stranger things and this is the Addon that I have been looking for.
    Could you add Demo-dogs and the mind flayer as well? If you can that would be great!

  80. Anonymous says:

    The resource pack isnt showing, but the behavior pack is. Any fix to this?

  81. Dominus says:

    Maka a serangan things SKin package cuz I want the demogorgon SKin for free (the 4D one)and also nice addon

  82. MafloBLITZ says:

    This is the best addon making a map for my friends and I. Also plzzzzzzzzz make a quiet place addon with the cool monsters that can’t die. Make it have as much health as the wither and make its attack distance very far because with demogorgon if you constantly hit it it can’t hit you back making the demogorgon an easy mob Tovar’s kill. Also make the monsters faster than the player, or as fast. Make its attack damage kill you in 1,2 or 3 hits (preferable 2). But don’t make the characters just the monsters.

  83. Johnny15643 says:


  84. MrAgentBlaze says:

    Nice addon, but why don’t you update an old addon you made called “mutant creatures”

  85. Anonymous says:

    The resource dosent work with behavoir

  86. Sqwa says:

    Could it possible drop items on death, like a few diamonds or a custom item or something?

  87. Navy says:

    Can you please add atleast xp drops so it can atleast be beneficial for the player

  88. Multii says:

    Can you make the mob spawn rate a little higher pls

  89. Anonymous says:

    couldn’t see it so i unequiped the other addons i used

  90. Whitfield Gage says:

    Can you change the download link?

  91. 3D Craft says:

    Wow at last in ver but the link is broken or virus somethin like that pls fix ur addon 😀

  92. Maverick says:

    Now add the quite place monster!

  93. Ntsuchi2048 says:

    How do I download it?

  94. AGuyWithAStick says:

    Not fair! The download site you put in will redirect me on a dangerous site its steals my information please just give me the site.

  95. Anonymous says:

    What a great addon!! All of the stuff like model entities animation sound etc. Its so great just l8ke pc mod!!

  96. MafloBLITZ says:

    Dude the most scary Addons in the history of scary addons one thing he is a bit too week. And since your so good at this plz make a aliens vs predators addon where there are chest busters and stuff like that (if that’s even possible)

  97. PizzaBurgerMan8 says:

    How did you make the model animation behavior resource/Texture and the sounds?

  98. Anonymous says:


  99. percyjackson57 says:

    This addon is really cool but I have a problem. When I apply it to a world nothing is added. Like everything works except the entity and the spawn egg don’t appear in the creative inventory. Plz tell me how to fix, thanks

  100. Entity_destroy says:

    I would REALLY love this addon but it doesn’t workkkkkk and I’m in 1.8

  101. Anonymous says:

    Where does this mob spawn?

  102. FinalGoji says:

    Can You Make A Godzilla Addon The King Of The Monsters

  103. Realms says:

    Redo this fo 1.9 pls juju

  104. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t even appear

    I’m in 1.9

  105. Urgent Message To Editor says:

    Beta 1.8.14 don’t work.

  106. Samuel says:

    See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

  107. EthanHelliwell says:

    demogorgon Was invisible and i cant see demogorgon and i can only see the shadow and can you fix it please

  108. Anonymous says:

    does not work this sucks

  109. Anonymous says:

    I added the add-on when I made the world and turned on the experimental setting and it still doesn’t show up :/

  110. NinjsThadius says:

    Can you make a biome giants add on it will be cool with animations😀😀😃 plzzzzzzz if you do I would br happy

  111. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Muito legal
    Podia criar o addon dos mutantes criaturas com animações

  112. Carlkachu says:

    Dis da one fron Strage things Ritwle And gotta say iTs Sppoookeey

  113. D’Marion says:

    I just got this CRAZY idea for an Addons for I know the creator probably took days to make this, but I was wondering, what if we had another SPOOKY monster lurking in the night? I thought, “This monster could be attracted to movement and sound!” and then it hit me. An ‘A Quiet Place’ Monster Addon! It would be so awesome!! Please take deep consideration in this!

  114. Realms says:

    Can you add xenomorphs, venom, and maybe demogorgon xenomorph hybrid

  115. Nikernius says:

    Chernobyl monster 😂😂😂 i youtuber go recor video in chernobyl S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl

  116. Sieltje says:

    I love the camouflage doors

  117. Jareds61 says:

    Can u plz make it for 1.7, I love the animation and design on it. But I don’t have 1.8, and I don’t know how to get it without jailbreaking! So can u plz update it to 1.7! But keep it for 1.8 if u can, cause I don’t want to make it unfair again. But if u can.

  118. yupguy65 says:

    I wish this was a stranger things addon… where all characters are there…

  119. GAMINTAO says:

    Some one please create a ww2 tank ADD-ON without replacing a entities

  120. Edward says:

    Can you make a Pokemon add-on 😁 ? Please make a Pokemon add-on it will be awesome .

  121. Loyd5x says:

    Can you make this mob spawn in the nether please? Andd give,it a very small chance of it appearing in the overworld forests(like an alien appearing somewhere get it?) ? I feel as if it would fit in minecraft very well as a nether creature.

  122. ThatGuy says:

    Amazing a separate shark addon would be very cool this is the best horror addon ever

  123. ThatGuy says:

    You guys should make realistic shark with cool animations like it can bump you or open its mouth and eat you, and amazing addon.

  124. TextureGamer says:

    OMG this is amazing!
    Will you do an Alien vs Predator add-on? That would be awsome!

  125. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Omg i just cant get enough of this mouth animation

  126. NobodyKing0 says:

    Doesn’t work. I’m in 1.8 beta and I have the official mcpe 1.8 beta purchased from the play store. Tried reinstalling it about 3 times and it still says its missing something. Also redownloaded it 2 times. When I spawn it I hear the sounds but nothing appears. Please fix this, this mod is a next step towards pc equivalent mods in mcpe and I really want to try it for myself.

  127. Doctordragonwho says:

    Cool I’ll get it once the update comes out .ps can you make a mario add on

  128. SkeletorFury says:

    Dear Editor
    This addon is great among other monster addons,but can make a godzilla addon with a great texture because this addon has a great concept and resource.

  129. car says:

    Pls make super cars with this at least make 5 a lambo,ferrari,bugahti,mustang and a formula 1 car and if you can add 2 motors

  130. car says:

    Can someone make a super car addon with this plssss this would be super cool

  131. BekfastG says:

    Why doesn’t it work! I download it then create the world aanndd it crashes please fix.

  132. Ahsan says:

    the texture looks like from minecraft stranger things skin pack. GOOD JOB!!!!

  133. IOSGamingHQ says:

    Oh My goodness the animation is insane!!!
    You should try make an animated AT-AT next!

  134. Xcraft13 says:

    Lol, it’s from StrangerThings movie
    Make more characters from like Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Hopper from the movie 👍👍👍

  135. Salutations! says:

    This is so awsome I love it, 10/10 please add more demogorgon growth stages! Example
    Slug grows into pollywog into frog, frog into trex demogorgon and then into demodog then finally into the demogorgon
    (Also if your feeling ambitious maybe an addon that turns the nether into the upside down?)

  136. TheEnderNinja22 says:

    Really great add-on! The animations and sounds make it even more terrifying! Can’t wait to see more add-ons from you

  137. Deafening sound says:

    For some reason when I have the addon enabled and join a game my minecraft would crash.
    Please fix it

  138. XboxBeta says:

    This is creepy 😱👻 great job! 😀

  139. NotNickedicial says:

    Can you make a full Stranger Things mod??

  140. GotriX says:

    Why is it invisible, huh?

  141. DefaultDan says:

    For some reason whenever I go in a game with the addon on my game crashes.
    Can you please fix that

  142. thedarkcube says:

    I was really excited to play with this but unfortunately a new beta just came out and broke the add-on… I’m sad

  143. JujuStyle7 says:

    Please Note: in the new beta there is a bug with Minecraft. Any custom entities will have missing models or will be invisible. If you are in , do not update it to!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Très bon travail. Great talent ! Amazing Addon. Thanx Jujustyle

  145. Anonymous says:


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