Published on July 16, 2020 (Updated on July 16, 2020)

Dododonut's Improved Looks - Nether Edition

Recently, the 1.16 update released for Minecraft, adding a slew of new features and items to the game focused around the Nether dimension. This pack takes some of those features and tweaks the textures slightly to make them seem more cool and make more sense logically.

These textures are all included as a part of my other texture pack Dododonut's Improved Looks, which includes everything in this pack and more! Check it out!

Improved Netherite tools and armor:

Netherite tools and ingots have a barely noticeable gold tint and Netherite tools and armor show both gold and diamond, reflecting how they are actually crafted in-game.

Added tormented souls to soul fire:

Tweaked gold block and gilded blackstone textures:

The gilded blackstone actually looks rare and valuable while still fitting in with the other blackstone blocks. The gold block now looks more unique from the other ore blocks.


  • Improved-Looks---Nether-Edition_1594656336.mcpack
  • Improved Looks - Nether

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