EnderShells Function Pack V2

This function pack is helpful in minecraft realms as it add a way to get shulker in the over world with enderpeals. And when the shulker is killed it has a chance to drop to drop shulker shells hence a way to get shulker shells in the overworld.


Adds a way to get Shulker and Shulker Shells in the overworld.

How to install?

1. Put The installed addon into the behavior pack of the world.

2. Keep experimental mode and cheats on. then create the world

3. Type ” /function installendershells ” in the chat . A command block will appear above your head.

4. Type ” /function endershells ” in the command block and set it to repeat , unconditional , always active.


1. make a box with the floor being any wool block.

2. Throw enderpearls to get and endermite in the box (Or if you are in creative you can just spawn them in with spawn eggs)

3. After a couple of seconds the endermite will sink into the wool block and become a shulker.(The time to convert the endermite to shulker is random)

4. If you want to get shulker shells then kill the shulker.

EnderShells Video:

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Endermites can now submerge in any wool block. so now endershells can be earned in the overworld.

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Works great!
but can you change the purpur block to just be a normal purpur block?
because it works with the pillar too
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But you still need to go to the end to get the purpur block. Why not use other blocks that is actually available in the over world?
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But to get the purpur block... you still need to go to the end. Why do this in the first place when you still have to go to the end?
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Could you make a function pack that adds a way to get elytra in the overworld?
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Great addon, and it's functional, but... What is the purpose? Why would I need this?
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Good its realy working!! Thanks.
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