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Published on March 20, 2019 (Updated on April 28, 2021)

Estonian Language Pack

Muuda oma Minecraft eestikeelseks!

This add-on pack adds the Estonian language to Minecraft by reusing several translations from Java Edition and adding many additional phrases for the most important menu interfaces.

Juhised eesti keeles

This pack will add the Estonian language to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. It was created because there are plenty of kids who play Minecraft on a mobile device but may have trouble understanding the phrases in English.

The pack is semi-automatically created using the open porting tools ( in order to get as many phrases as possible from the Java Edition version.

The pack currently translates the following:

  • Blocks and items
  • Creative mode inventory
  • Important menus
  • Important settings pages
  • Chat and some system messages

Select version for changelog:


[1.17.2] Updated with phrases from beta and snapshot 21w17a.


  1. Download the pack from either link above, click Download on the version you need
  2. Open the downloaded file (e.g. tap the notification on the phone)
  3. Go to Settings > Global Resources > My Packs > press Activate on the pack
  4. Exit settings, wait for the pack to load
  5. Select Settings > Language > Eesti keel (Eesti)

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Круто, но когда добавят РУССКИЙ?
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please add the filipino language pack plss
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Sorry, but this pack is strictly for Estonian. Try this one:
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Isamaa ei unusta teie teeneid!
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I was just going to make one myself because I speak mainly Estonian (mostly to confuse my colleagues), so this is incredibly convenient.
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Maybe add the “Tere Eesti!” splash?
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"Beta!" should be translated actually, but otherwise I prefer to keep the splashes as-is.
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There’s a “Tere Eesti” splash on mcje.
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sa oled isamaale au toonud.
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