Published on August 27, 2020 (Updated on October 13, 2021)

Extra - Terrestrial

The little guy that has been stranded on earth from not straying too far from the ship. and becomes friends with a kid named Elliot that helps him get home. This movie holds a special place in my heart.

This add-on brings a new friend from out of this world into your world.

The ships spawn in the mega taiga biome.

At each ship, there are 5 E.T.s that look for flowers to bring back to there ship.

When feeding E.T. you will befriend E.T. and follow you around and heal you on interaction .

You can feed E.T.:

  • Apples
  • Cookies
  • Melon
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sweet Berries
  • Honey

When E.T. is attacked, he levitates any mob or player in a 3 block range.

Animation Update:

  • Can sit E.T.
  • E.T. can help grow crops
  • E.T. can hold a totem
  • To heal, crouch by E.T. and will lift his finger to heal you.
  • E.T. levitates all monsters in a 5 block radius on tamed

New Animations


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Removed support me link . I dont know how linkveretise or adfly works.


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29.Ozomatli.Aguirre October 14, 2021 at 9:48 pm
the rocket ship looks like a monster
Wow you put a lot of effort on this one 5 star is not enough I'm not trying it yet but I will download this later here take my 5 star in advance for you buddy
Is the new link up?
Put the new link for the new versión :(
I'm sorry. Mcpedl must have gotten the download links mixed up at the time. I am uploading just the new links without the old ones. I thank you for being very helpful and telling me early as you did.
Amazing addon dude!
Cool Add-on Dude Really Fun to play around with on my channel it'll be cool to see this evolve and i wish you add more features to E.T i wish you Good Luck!!! :D
thank you and I do have plans to add a lot more to this add-on. I do appreciate the feedback on your video and for everyone else's feedback.
old day's E.T~ still remember that movie tho, noice
please have a mediafire option so it's accessible to everyone!
you may use the new download link.
sorry for the bad review, it's a good addon
Great. They look adorable when they walk ?
I love it. I would recommend adding the ability to make them sit so they don't follow you everywhere.
Thank you for the feedback. It's helpful