Published on January 19, 2021 (Updated on October 30, 2021)

Elytra Models

Want a more exciting elytra glider? These elytra models will change up your game. Either for roleplay toy story, being small, be part phantom or dragon. It's fun to change things up. Now added The Super Pack that adds in hero and villain style elytra models, and added 9 new elytra models. The Animals and Creatures Pack adds in 19 more elytra models where you turn into the animal or creature you choose.

You can now download each individual elytra model

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  • Animals and Creatures Pack that adds in 19 more elytra models to choose from.
  • Unicorn riding elytra into 5.1
  • Pegasus riding elytra into 5.1
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly wings into 5.1
  • Dragonfly wings into 5.1
  • Added non-small variant to the fairy wings, bee wings, both butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, and the vex wings.


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Could you make a Genshin Impact glider like Liyue's? (a game village)

I really love your work.
0/0 NONE of the elytra worked, it looked like bee wings but longer
how to change the elytra to the ender_dragon one?
in Survival we have to fire works why ?
This is my favorite texture pack so far, probably my favorite forever if not then top 3 at least. I love every single texture, especially the millennium falcon and how it is small on your back but turns huge when using it. Thanks so much 10/10
Hello 👋 Dredding2000, I want to share this package on and translate it into Chinese. Don't worry, I'll mark the address and the original author as yours
I have an idea for an elytra model!

What if it was like the wings of Microraptor? Microraptor was a small primitive bird that had 4 wings (its arms and its legs were winged) that was an expert glider, i think that could work amazingly!
how to use on servers?
actualice a 1.20 para que no quede obsoleto, es hermoso
shadow thewerewolf on yt June 17, 2023 at 5:31 am
is there any chance you can put it like where you click an item and changes it in game. besides the slider
flooftepingspoofte June 16, 2023 at 8:18 pm
does it work in 1.20 if not please update I want to use it
Hey for anyone else is the elyrya model the only thing appearing, like my skin is just gone.
I really like this addon and I want to try to make my own elytra model but I don't know how, could you tell me how you made these models or if there's a tutorial I should use?