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Published on August 01, 2019 (Updated on July 11, 2020)


MEET! Texture pack "FANCY DECOTATIONS" It changes the boring and unnessary Minecraft PE textures to cool dECORATIONS for your home.

What is in it?:

Rubik's cube - head

TV - wither skeleton skull

  • Clock - Skeleton of a Skull
  • Aquarium - reptile skull
  • French Fries - Zombie Head
  • Reading Table - Enchantment Table
  • Colored boards - some glazed terracotta blocks
  • Fake Lucky Block - Dynamite (TNT)
  • Oven Top - Yellow Carpet
  • Glass with curtains - blue glass

Download now!

Attention! For the first time, minecraft may turn off, but for the second time, this certainly will not happen.


Shalker - TV (animated)

blue shalkerbox - TV stand with shelves

aqua shalkerbox - washbasin

gray shalkerbox - TV stand

blue shalkerbox - bottom of the refrigerator

lime shalkerbox - top of the fridge

Magenta Shalkerbox - toilet

orange shalkerbox - shower

pink shalkerbox - bottom of the shower stall

purple shalkerbox - top of the mailbox

silver shalkerbox - footboard for mailbox

unpainted shalkerbox - kitchen cabinet

white shalkerbox - kitchen cabinet with drawers

yellow shalkerbox - microwave

some paintings - frames (with things)

(some things from previous versions)


Select version for changelog:


*Repaired texture pack download links.*

Sorry, but this is all!


Download textures in mcpack format . In the world settings, in the "texture packs" section, select the downloaded texture and click on "+". Play and enjoy!

Installing version 3 : Download the resource and behavior packs. In the world settings: section resource (behavior) packs: find the downloaded texture (behavior) packs and click on "+" to activate. PLAY AND ENJOY!


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Fix download link
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DOWNLOAD FAIL?!?!?!?!!?!!? Please DOWNLOAD!
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Im download this,i see sign "File size:0b" ((((((
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add it to minecraft please!!!!!!!!!
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Please make a mediafire link please, i cant download it , in dl mcpedl download failed
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Can you make them directional? Also there are some bugs.
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I love it but it should. Not be heads pls :D pls change that
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OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! ❤️ It’s great! I love the heads and the moving TV! I just wish there was a toaster and a cookie jar but otherwise ITS GREAT!!! Definitely recommend!
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does it work on 1.14? pe
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you can’t get 1.14 on pe
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btw its shulker not shalker
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I want for the soul purpose of the amazing exploding lucky blocks :3
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Hey! Wait new version 3 !
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Could make it supports version 1.12 and TV and PC pls ! I like it a lot :3
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