Published on April 04, 2019 (Updated on March 29, 2022)

Fear (Horror) | v1.2.0

There is an old house in the woods. People say there is a big treasure in that house, but a ghost doesn't let anyone to enter. And you don't believe the superstitions of the people and as a result you decide to enter that house...

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Fear (horror) by Last Warning is now v1.2.0!!

Important Changes:

-Fear is now properly updated to 1.18.12

-Fear has been revived again in this update for 2022.

-Added more tags (for MCPEDL)


-Remodeled and Retextured the radio.

-Remodeled and Retextured the Yellow Spells.

-Remodeled and Retextured Lamps.


-Changed textures of sign to match the base version.

-Spruce sign now has a texture to match Steve’s haunted mansion’s theme.

-New GUI Textures! Let’s goo! (1.18.30+ supported GUI!)

Map changes:

-Added massive change for 1.18 to the map, especially down below (underneath the map).

-Added more plot relevance to the story.

-Enlarged Height Limit for 1.18 support.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issue where the current new Last Warning maps doesn’t get displayed when you click on the button “Other maps” such as “Granny: Chapter 2“ for example.

Known Issues:

-Texture of Rope doesn’t have a transparent background.

-Texture of treasure coins (Minecoins) also have no transparency in the background.

-Last Warning is ded, please come back…




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a minecraft gamer April 07, 2022 at 5:32 am
me and my friend suddenly came out of the map even though I just wanted to play it together, please fix this
Could you please describe in detail on what happened? Cause it could also be a Minecraft bug.
This is a map that is at its most terrifying, dude!. but I think it should have a flashlight first, and darkness effect should have been used as well.
We planned to use it, but probably if possible and when the update comes out instead of it being *just* a wild update toggle. Cause it is experimental and could cause crashes on the map.
But thanks for the suggestion!
I love the map played it multiple times but I wanna scare my friends and family so is it multiplayer friendly
Sorry, but no. But you can still try it cause there is almost nothing that requires one person only. Except for stuff like obtaining the flashlight and jumpscares and etc.
Also can you make horror maps like this on mobile devices?
i don't know what your deal is, but why the fuck did you give the map a 1-star for no reason?
lol calm down snowflaken no need to get mad
This is on mobile devices dude :P
Can you do a video explaining how you made this resource pack? Because I want to make my own resource pack for a horror map that I will be making in the future. Also is it possible to download just the resource pack and not the actual map?
Guest-2516885137 May 05, 2020 at 5:03 am
can i play this with a friend
It’s your choice...since this map does not support multiplayer but might be soon...
This horror map was really fun and I enjoyed it! Although it was good, I do think the story on this was too short. I got it done relatively quickly.
It says import failed ?
Hey Download Documents by Readlle app in your App Store and put the game’s mcworld file into documents and open it from there (it worked perfectly)
I hope the new update is gonna be ok...
Is this good for multiplayer?
I made a Video of this map on my youtube channel, TheToxicBry :) pretty fun!
Is this multiplayer friendly?
Yea I’d like to know too. I scrolled through the comments and you don’t seem to answer if it’s multiplayer or not. Please tell us. Thanks ?
This map is awesome do you have more