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Published on April 04, 2019 (Updated on April 06, 2020)

F.e.a.r (Horror) by Last Warning [Adventure]

There is an old house in the woods. People say there is a big treasure in that house, but a ghost doesn't let anyone to enter. And you don't believe the superstitions of the people and as a result you decide to enter that house...

 Hide from Him!

Be careful. You are not alone.

He Always Watches

He just wants to play a game...

Find Hidden Messages


AshishX for publishing

Last Warning for creating


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This map contains loud noises and jumpscares and spoilers for Steve so play it at your own risk.


  • No hacking
  • No breaking
  • No making 

It is a horror game so play it at your own risk.

Exclusively on mcpedl


Update Trailer

Select version for changelog:


What’s New in v1.0.7

-Introducing The Messages Update!

*Find hidden messages in the house

-Fixed and added youtube eastereggs 


There are 2 *Download here* options

one of them shows [zip] so you can uncompress it and play (recommendations for iOS 13 & iPadOS 13)

the other one shows [mcworld] and one click it let’s you play...

And If You Find Bugs Comment The Bug Down Below

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4.48 / 5 (23 votes)
Guest-2516885137 May 05, 2020 at 5:03 am
can i play this with a friend
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It’s your choice...since this map does not support multiplayer but might be soon...
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This horror map was really fun and I enjoyed it! Although it was good, I do think the story on this was too short. I got it done relatively quickly.
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It says import failed ?
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Hey Download Documents by Readlle app in your App Store and put the game’s mcworld file into documents and open it from there (it worked perfectly)
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I hope the new update is gonna be ok...
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Is this good for multiplayer?
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I made a Video of this map on my youtube channel, TheToxicBry :) pretty fun!
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Is this multiplayer friendly?
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Yea I’d like to know too. I scrolled through the comments and you don’t seem to answer if it’s multiplayer or not. Please tell us. Thanks ?
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This map is awesome do you have more
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Hey! I made a video about this map! such a cool experience. I would definitely recommend checking out this map for those who haven't already. Great work last warning and friends! Very cool!
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keeps saying that the level import failed please help
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The game is the best. Can you make P.T. horror game
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The mcworld does not work for me it just takes to the folder in which the mc world is in
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Hay, I made a video playing this map.

If you want to check it out.

Link |
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I jump out of the chair after this update lol, nice map
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Does it work on xbox?
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