Published on March 13, 2022 (Updated on May 05, 2022)

GasMask Addon V2 (Compatible With Other Addons)

Today I come to bring you an addon that will make your survival world more difficult and entertaining, this addon is about a gas mask that will allow you to enter the caves without fear of the negative effects that the caves bring thanks to this addon, which are the effect of poison and nausea, I hope you like it.

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- Compatible with any addon

- Removed use of player.json

- Compatible with current versions of minecraft


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What if this addon being updated to 1.19. But it has two behavior modes. One with dangerous caves and another just a gas mask itself so others can use just a gas mask for commands. I feel like that would be a good idea to add, wouldn't it be?
Random onion boi28182937 July 31, 2022 at 12:03 pm
Can you update it for 1.19? Also, a idea of mine, add a overlay when you put it on like you’re really wearing a gas mask.
No funciona para 1.19 además me parece muy alta la altura me gustaría que la bajen por qué esa altura aparece el hierro y el hierro se necesita para crear la máscara
Hi! I hope you can update this addon as it stopped working for the 1.19 version. I'd also suggest the mask to be repairable, as I need to craft a new one each time I go mining!!
Voy a ser sincero contigo Baki
Russia Moment Time
Radiation Level Quantity March 13, 2022 at 12:43 pm
Me pregunto si este addon será perfecto para la radiación de un addon