Published on October 31, 2021

Hallowed Hallow V1

Relive the dark and sinister Hallow biome once again with Hallowed Hallow's remake! In this addon you will have the wrath of Halloween unleashed in your world! Fight off scary new enemies with powerful new weapons, explore creepy structures, carve new pumpkins, and waaaay more for you to do!


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Oh man! It was one of my favorite addons, a shame it doesn't receive new updates :(
Thank you! I haven't forgotten about this addon, I really want to update it, but custom biomes have been broken for awhile now and I don't feel like replacing a vanilla biome for this one to work.

As soon as custom biomes are fixed, I will definitely be updating this addon, you can bet on that :)
now this, this is a good revamp.
finally it is more simple
Thanks, glad you like :)

(Sorry for the late reply)