Arid V1.2.3 (V1.20.30 Patch)

Arid is a biome overhaul addon that adds tons of new content into Desert biomes. You should hopefully find deserts more enjoyable and rewarding to explore. In Arid you will find new ores, dungeons, mobs, bosses, cool weapons, and lots of other content.

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Arid 1.2.3 Patch Notes:


General improvements and fixes for 1.20.30




Updated to support Minecraft 1.20.20 and up




-Map Colors for most Arid blocks


-Palm Bark block


-Palm Fence and Palm Fence Gate


-Palm Trapdoor

(Palm door will arrive in the future)


-Recipes for the following: Palm Fence/Fence Gate, Shield with Palm wood, Chest from Palm Wood, Palm Bark, Bed from Palm (will always be Yellow), charcoal recipes using Palm Log/Bark




-Fixed structure and ore generations for Minecraft 1.20.30


-Confetti Blaster no longer has same cooldown type as Enchanted Bow


-Numerous block collision fixes


-Amber Berry Cake not drawing aggro when Knockback Upgrade is enabled


-Lighting fixes for various blocks


-Nomad Trader no longer despawns


-Palm slab texture not aligning correctly with stairs and planks when side by side


-Small minor fixes




-Confetti Blaster:

Firing Speed: 0.5 --> 1.0 secs


Damage: 6 --> 8

*Shots now deal 2 bonus AoE damage to nearby mobs in a radius of 2.5 (Will hurt you too, so be careful)


Durability: 100 --> 200


-Amber Berry Cake:

Knockback Upgrade: Cooldown 15 --> 12 secs




-Desert Crystal Axe, Shovel, and Hoe improvements


-Palm Slab and Stairs improvements


-Palm wood set retextured (except for leaves as of now)


-Ancient Vase can now rotate




-Minor improvements here


Supported Minecraft versions

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Forgot to mention; the crypt will not generate correctly if your simulation distance is 4. Please set it higher (at least 6).
I did all what was required to do, the experimental stuff. However none of the mobs are working. I mean they all are invisible. Is this 1.19.5 compatible for iOS/ mobile users?
Yes it should be. I dont understand why its invisible. Everything works from my end. PC and Mobile. Maybe try to reinstall the mod?
Why are the bosses invisible
Please check the Installation section and make sure you have enabled the required experiments.
Hola, este mod me parece muy bueno, será que alguien tiene una semilla buena dónde pueda encontrar la cripta? Por favor, es que no la encuentro
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
Get away from this site,shameless and greedy thief
Forgot to mention; the crypt will not generate correctly if your simulation distance is 4. Please set it higher (at least 6).
do u know a seed where both dungeons can spawn?
TheVeryCraftyBoss June 10, 2021 at 12:29 pm
Hey there! Nice addon! I was just wondering, would it be ok if I created new textures for each of the blocks/items added it the addon?
how about you make the addon leave the whole world desert like just a few oases but all desert.
Hmm, Ill think about it. Thanks for the suggestion.