Published on August 17, 2019 (Updated on August 18, 2019)

Health Booster Addon V2

This Addon adds new crafts that will enhance the Survival side of Minecraft.

This addon adds a bit of more midgame items. This addon adds some food that you can eat to increase your Heart.

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added the textures of Heart[1], Heart[5], Heart[10], which were not showing in the previous version of the Addon 

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Can you make it avalible for 1.16
Link to download does not work
I can clearly see a mis-calculation here... Your saying Hearts[5] gives 5 hearts, and Hears[1] gives 2 hearts, so if I were to eat Heart[1] 5 times id get double the health of Hearts[5] would give...
Guest-1702139724 May 14, 2020 at 9:29 pm
Finally this addon will allow me to get the same health as any mob
Actually works tho
No point making the five and ten hearts when you can eat one heart to get two extra hearts
shh let him keep it in the mod so we can exploit lol
Why would you exploit something that doesn’t give you achievements in the first place?
Hmm, just curious. Are you able to stack the heart’s? For example, if I eat 3 10 hearts do I get an extra 3 rows of hearts?
Can you remove the particles?
Missing correct resource pack, there is a emerald sword resource pack inside.
Really cool! Reminds me of Terraria!
Nice, but can you remove the potion effect particles, so it feels natural? I want it to be like that Zelda Heart Container Addon. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but is it permanent? I’d prefer the Zelda Heart Container Addon instead because it doesn’t have Potion effects ;(.
there is an error instead of putting the texture of the hearts you put the texture of the emerald sword
TWILIGHT FORREST FAN August 17, 2019 at 3:11 pm
It says it's an emerald sword RESOURCE pack for some reason