Published on June 20, 2020 (Updated on June 10, 2021)

Lulu Parkour Practice

This map is about practice and teaching some parkour jumps. I will update it to add some more different parkour techs. I would also love to get feedback and suggestions.

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sadly this map has been discontinued of the following reasons:
lack of motivation
was too much things to add thats imo complicated to add as a seprate room



  • lulus-parkour-practice-TLN_1599497127.mcworld

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You seemed to have forgot about this! Let me tell you a couple of things. First off w2f f2w and w2w 4 block jumps are possible! You need to add more neos, double, triple, cross, double cross, etc. etc. Also redstone parkour is a thing!
yea... i kinda forgot about this map cause it became too much for me to remember all of parkour types

but i might get into updateing this again
LOL i tried to google what you mean by w2f and accidentally found your youtube vids
oh ok I see well yeah its a pretty good game
nice it just you game says parcor SCHOOL SO IT SHOULD TEACH US RIGHT WRONG. great game tho keep at it
thanks and i was also thinking to call it parkour practice (the thumbnail came much later thats why its called that) and idk if its allowed the rename your maps
Neo jumps?
can u explain what for those jumps are

the name sounds intresting
just googled it

yes am gonna implement it it looks like an intresting jump to learn
this is a great map
I just tried it. I'm already having fun.