Published on April 29, 2019 (Updated on April 30, 2019)

MazinOre Addon

Ores Generation Included! The First ever add-on to have ore generation included is here! MazinWorld Finnally cracked the key to a limited, yet fun, ore generation in the overworld (and possibly soon the nether and end!) by lolmarkdude / lolmarkdude2

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Ore Generation has been added! here are some reports on the generation!

Reports List

- Subsurface Generation Bug

          *Columns formed, no start/endpoint y axis.

-Surface Generation Bug

          *Ores form rarly, but are easily exposed by bug for top_layer.

          *Columns formed, no start/endpoint y axis.


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Would to like to collab i am good at coding and Redstone and commands
Gamertag : TheHacker7739
Excellent addon, I don't mind the simple textures as it stands out and is more recognizable.
Try Making A “MazinCapes” Mod!
I would like to help with some of the texturing, friend me @ The K (oala)#8680 on discord
Links don't work
Why you put this with 8x8 texture, it is a very cool addon but make it normal