Published on May 24, 2019 (Updated on May 24, 2019)


MellowPack is a VERY new 16x16 Resource pack! Just like MazinPack, its start will have daily updates! MellowPack just started development 1 hour ago (This will be uploaded tommorow though so more like it has been worked on for 1 hour). BookMark or write notes so you can download each update!


Supported Minecraft versions


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the text look rlly weird
Only certaint blocks are actually apart of the texture :/ other then that it is pretty cool looking.
It doe snot download :(
I have begun playing Minecraft again after 3 years but i just like the game with texture packs and I can't even have that what is the game then ?
I love the style, it's clean and minimalistic!
Thanks! If you like minimalistic, you should definitaly try mazinpack!
I saw the texure pack and I think it seemed really cool