Published on August 12, 2019 (Updated on September 20, 2019)

MazinPack UltraHD [512x512] V0.1.3

Mazinpack is a texture pack created by lolmarkdude2, This is mazinpack, just not 8x8. MazinPack, with over thousands of downloads, now gets a very big upgrade. MazinPack UltraHD Is Basically Mazinpack, but In the highest definition that Minecraft Bedrock Edition is comfortable enough to support!

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Added new Items, like the slime ball and the ender eye.

The Resolution is now focused on 256x Instead of 512x to reduce lag, not all are 256x resolution yet.


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Is this for 1.16beta?
Can you please give the mossy cobblestone and door textures and lower the resolution to 64x64?
Please fix the black diet blocks under the grass blocks. I'd love to use this pack but I can't
I'm sorry it's still a work in progress.
Um Lixo Estalei e sumio todos os meus mundos aplicaçao e externo culpa do ramelao que crio essa pora ?
512x512 seems a bit excessive for such a simplistic pack. If you download this mod, make sure your computer is strong enough. I would personally use a 64x64 version but that's just my preference and my input. It looks very good though.