Published on July 06, 2020 (Updated on August 19, 2020)

Miners Dream

Miners Dream is a 16x16 Resource pack created to putting a lot more effort than my previous Project, MazinPack 8x8, The Packs intent is nothing more than just to be a favorable pack, It's simplistic in some areas while others it goes a little more into detail.

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Update 015:

Update A:

+ Textured Beetroot (Stage Block) 4/4

+ Textured Tall Grass Crops 3/3

+ Textured Trapdoors 2/?

+ Textured Doors 4/12

+ Textured Gem Blocks 4/~7

+ Textured Carrot (Item) 1/2

+ Textured Wheat (Stage Block) 7/7

+ Textured Carrot (Stage Block) 4/4

Update B:

+ Textured Barrel 4/4

+ Textured Bee Nest 1/4

+ Textured Bone Block 2/2

+ Textured Bamboo (Block) 3/5

+ Textured Seeds 1/1

+ Textured Wheat (Item) 1/1

+ Textued Farmland 2/2


  • MinersDream_1597770675.mcpack

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cool could you make the stone a bit less like cobblestone please
I will make a bigger variety of stone textures, for example like netherack or endstone, so they can be distinquishable, there is not known plan for stone though. I'll try to consider this in the next update.
Very promising. Do you plan on continuing this project, or is it discontinued?
I haven't worked on mazinpack sharp for quite some time, I do feel like picking the project back up, but possible under another name.
Lol, I've been using this for a while now. It may be my fav 16x16 texture pack. But hey, can you do a texture for the wool? I've been looking for ages trying to find a wool texture.
Is the sand a work in progress?
I personally think that the sand doesn't really fit in with the theme. It is a very unique block and wanting to build with this block makes it a bit of a challenge just because of how differently the other blocks is designed comparing to the sand blocks.
gonna steal this for my android app and sell it
Noice. Nobody cares.
Great idea, just wait let me get my lawyer. Xd