Published on October 14, 2019 (Updated on November 24, 2019)

Mine Time

Mine Time is a short map that takes between 60-90 minutes to finish, It is SINGLEPLAYER. Your objective is to mine blocks and works your way up collecting better tools, enchantments, and items until you finish the game.

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  • Added Coal, Iron, Gold, and Diamond multipliers
  • Added a bonus chest
  • Fixed bugs
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Ur mcpack is invalid u should zip all the files bot a folder
When I tried to download, it kept saying import level fail!
ikr i rlly want 2 play dis
What shaders r u using
Bro! Best map ever! I don't care what others say and neither should you! This is the best Map on MCPE DL! Thank you for making it!
No one cares if you're twelve and made it, otherwise, the map is okay.
Dude, Its better than what you make
Its realy funny, good job :D
how Do you use the zip download
how Do you use the zip
I like it, was pretty fun. Only thing that annoyed me was how the game would react when you moved your mouse onto the sea lanterns, but thats minecrafts fault. Hope to see more maps like this!!
When I upgraded to stone pick all the ores stopped spawning.
wow a twelve yro made this
mcpe download dosent work
All blocks are invisible when I load except signs and chests
How do I sell the blocks