Published on July 06, 2022 (Updated on August 04, 2022)

Minecraft Earth Cows v2.0 ( +3D Details and New Textures!)

Hello and welcome to my new Minecraft Earth themed texture pack! This texture pack contains fifteen cow textures (default cow included) from the game Minecraft Earth plus three new extra textures. The twelve textures in this pack will be a part of randomized spawning, and the six other textures are only obtainable using a nametag. Some of them have emissive (glow in the dark) textures too.

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V2.0 Update Log:

  • Nametag Textures for All Available Variations
  • 3D Details for Moobloom, Moolip, Wooly Cow & Umbra Cow
  • Added Magma Cow and Sheared Wooly & Umbra Cow
  • Added Extra Nametag Textures: Ender Cow, Cake Cow & Strawberry Cow

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I dont care if you have to add a behavior pack just make it so they stay the same and arent constantly randomising please for the sheep, pig and chicken too
is it okay i used some code from this texture pack to learn?
my cows turn invisible when i use this texture pack.
Twitchicca Anaconda August 08, 2022 at 10:25 pm
Love it!
¿Can you make a nametag only version of these minecraft earth packs?
Check out my new texture pack, it's similar with this pack but pigs
Very good 👍 💯
I will like pigs. Are the cow variated?
nice pack!
can you make the same with pigs?
I used a mod for minecraft earth mobs in the past what I would like to request is the rabbits and sheep