OreFoods Addon

The OreFoods addon is an addition to your game that adds new foods made with ores to the workbench, and they have incredible effects!

Creator: Gabriel Castro, GaBIEL2907y

Twitter: GabrielCas29007, Channel: yBrothers

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- Several bugs have been fixed.

- Emerald ore apple has slightly less of a certain effect based on the diamond apple.

- Addon now works correctly in 1.14 beta.

- Bad_Omen effect given by charcoal apple is smaller now.

- Fruits have in its variants same time of certain effect.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Charcoal apples for totem farm?
I absolutely love this Addon. 1 ore food request is Redstone Apple. Gives Haste 2 for 60 seconds, speed 2 for 60 seconds and resistance 2 for 30 seconds (the times can be edited on your behalf)
Cara eu posso gravar um vídeo do seu addon??OBS:vou usar o link direto para o mcpedl e vou por todos os créditos na descrição teu canal e teu twitter
This would be good if you didn't have to do all of them instructions it's pathetic i have to turn on notifications? HELL NO AND WATCH A VIDEO IT'S PROBABLY GONNA BE INAPPROPRIATE YOU ABSOLUTELY STUPID PERSON AAAAAAAAA
no seas abusivo danos algun link para mediafire o en adfly no es justo para la comunidad lo que estas haciendo
The link forces you into a loop of links that is obvious its for advertisments, if you want to actually upload the file with people actually accessing it, id rather use mediafire, and if you wnt ads use adfly, using shortlink is just gonna make people not download it, just use mediafire, its simpler and more reliable.
Mayonnaise ? this is cool! ?
Mayonnaise! ? this is cool! ?
This would have bine a good add-on if it worked
Yes MEDIAFIRE!!!!!!!
Can make on iOS
Doesnt work use adfly n3xt time noob
Dude, this doesn't work at all for 1.12
It says check the captcha box to download. I do. I click download. I wait 10 seconds . I click get long and back to captcha box. I do it 10 more times. I get fed up with solving captcha boxes! ???????????????
I don't know what's happening but that happened to me too.
The behaviour pack has a problem I think
Like I can craft them but I CANT EVEN EAT ONE OF THEM
thetrueminecrafter June 15, 2019 at 6:30 am
in what version of mcpe did you used this addon?
How do you craft the Elementary apple?
she does not have any craft, just trade with the wandering trader
It, not she, it is an object
This isnt working dude