Mint & Cola Addon

Do you like Cola? If your answer to that is yes then you have found the perfect add-on for you. This add-on replaces some thingsi n-game withblocks and mobs inspired by Cola. There are Cola Monsters, Mint Armor, Confectioner Villagers, Soda Cans and even the Nether has been replaced by The Mint Dimension! 

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This addon is officially discontinued/outdated. The implementation of new features and bug fixes for this addon will be suspended (may or may not change in the future).

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Yo, man, y'know the first thing I think of when I see dis addon? Edd.
Also, if possible, replace the bow with a cola gallon and make the arrows "high velocity fizzy cola" xD
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Why it wont download!,i tried mediafire then i download it doesnt work... same as the zip file
The link still works. I had tested it myself and there is nothing wrong. Anyway, What Minecraft version and device are you using?
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Mine Block = Mint Block
Confestioner Villager = Confectioner Villager
Christopher Ramirez March 24, 2018 at 6:44 pm
I can make you a discord server just ask
If the cola monster(creeper) got strike by lightning,this add on is still work?
Yes, it will still work. There are just a few modifications for the charged creeper.
Also a new charged aura ( idk what it is called ) texture.
You should add a sugar rush effect (nausea) in the addon behaviour pack. Also make the GUI brown. Good addon
Can someone make a monster hunter add-on from the game monster hunter because I'm making a map and all I need is an addon and by the way I liked this addon
First comment omg I love cola
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