Published on August 12, 2019 (Updated on August 20, 2019)

More Potions Addon Pack

This addon pack adds more potions to the game. As everyone knows that potions in the game are fairly straight forward. This addon packs add some new potions that cannot be obtained and are not added in the game by Mojang.

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Added more Potion Strengths :

Absorption II

Absorption III

Bad Omen II

Bad Omen III

Blindness II

Blindness III

Supported Minecraft versions

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Can you make splash potions of these?
How to you make the potions
can you make the link go to mediafire, it sounds like a cool mod tbh but can you use mediafire? pls
You should make the levitation potion with a shulker shell and awkward potion.
Make Bad Omen with illager banners instead of emeralds.
Make hero of the village with emeralds and awkward potion.
Make mining fatigue with haste potion and spider eye.
Very good but can u make it multiplayer
If you have a realm, simply create a solo map with all the mods included, then upload it to your server/realm and voila !
101/10 good addon!!
Suggestion= Please add like potion of flying or potion of wall walking! The recipe for the wall walking is 1 potion bottle, 1 invisibility potion, 3 fermented spider eye and for the flying 1 potion bottle , 1 water bucket, a feather. I hope you took this suggestion and please add them!!! NICE ADDON!!!
Change the iron in the haste potions to something more valuable
Change the iron in the haste potions to something more valuable
Looks cool. Here's hoping 1.13 allows custom brewing stand recipes. Also, is it possible you could make splash and lingering variants?
Can you get teir 4 potion all the way up to lvl 8 it will make L.O.S more awsome also btw means legend of surivival wich is a world we play in and try and kill all this would make it more fun
Now This Is A Good Quality Add-on! Good Job!??
Please add potion of levitation,potion of hero of village,mining fatigue,potion of saturation,all the effects that are not have potion,cay you make a potion?
Are avaliable the splash version of the potions?