Published on November 08, 2021 (Updated on January 20, 2022)

New Bows Addon V2.5

This addon deals with new bows using all available codes, it replicates the functionality of the vanilla bow, it's a total of 15 new bows with different abilities, very useful for survival.

This addon is about new bows for your Minecraft Bedrock, in total it adds 15 different bows with useful and fun skills for survival, it also works in multiplayer and for the operation of the bows it is necessary to have arrows in the inventory.



In this new version of the New Bows addon, I added 6 new bows with useful abilities, 4 of these are craftable and 2 are only obtainable by trading with the arrow villager, another thing that changes in the addon is that now you can shoot arrows with The bows in creative without the need to have them in the inventory only if you are in survival the rule of having it in the inventory applies, in the next version 3 of the addon I will add new arrows and some new bows, apart from a table with custom ui to create the bows and also the arrows, I hope you like the addon.

Experimental Game

This is a section before creating the world that allows better functioning of the addons in the world and a better gaming experience when playing with addons, we recommend that you activate the following options to play with this addon.


In this section I will show all the crafting of the addon and take the opportunity to explain the operation of each bow.

-Long Bow

This is a long bow that will allow you to shoot 2 arrows at the same time, your damage is required and it is much stronger and more useful than a normal bow.

-Magnet Bow

This bow when its arrow hits the ground will attract all nearby items in a radius of 12, it is very useful to attract distant items without moving.

-Spider Bow

This bow when its arrow hits near an entity or in the same entity will cover it with cobwebs preventing its escape.

-Shulker Bow


This bow when hitting any entity will grant the effect of levitation, which sooner or later will lead to the death of the entity itself that receives the effect or at least in the best of cases, leaving it very weak.

-Miner Bow

This bow when launching its arrow allows you to break all kinds of block, be it vanilla or some addon.

-Health Bow

When using this bow, it is recommended that you use it with an ally, whether they are pets or other players, in this way they will recover life.

-Ice Bow

Its same name says it when using this bow it will generate a 3 × 3 ice cube that will catch the mob that the arrow fell on it.

-GlowStone Bow

If you have a little knowledge of minecraft you will know that the glowstone generates light, therefore this bow will illuminate when you have it in your hand and also your arrows when they touch a solid surface will generate light.

-Explosive Bow

This bow is explained only when you shoot an arrow and it falls on the ground, it will generate a fairly strong explosion that can kill your targets.

-Ender Bow

At first glance this bow is quite intuitive, when you use it in the place where the arrow falls it will make you a tp to that place, it is quite useful.

-Blaze Bow

The blaze is one of the most annoying mobs in the game, because now you can feel what it feels like thanks to this bow that when launching an arrow and hitting the ground or your target will generate fire in a radius of 3 blocks burning and killing everything in that place.


-Mini Bow

This bow when its arrow hits the target the entity that receives the arrow will transform back into its baby version, some entities are immune to this effect such as the creeper, the spider, etc.


-Smoke Bow

 This bow when hitting its target will give it a blind effect whether it is a peaceful mob, hostile or the player himself.


-Thunder Bow

This bow, as is evident, will generate a ray in the place where your arrows land, it is very dangerous and fun to use.


-Knockback Bow

Another very useful bow especially if you are cornered by hotile mobs, since this bow when its arrows fall to the ground will generate an area attack that will send all nearby mobs flying.


To obtain these last 4 bows you will need to find a flechero villager who will allow you to obtain these bows.


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Bug fixes

- Fixed issues with trading
- Fixed bug in creafteos
- Fixed issues with bow behavior
- Fixed texture and animation errors in the arches


Download Guide

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4.33 / 5 (18 votes)
add a crosshair for mobile
Hi I like your add-on and want to get permission from you for using this add-on in modpack"Insanity" with currently 8 other addon creators already in.
It's addons like these that i love to see, people said that addons can't make bows with the bow animations, they where wrong, addon community always surprises me.
El observador facha January 13, 2022 at 12:22 pm
joder addon god
What about crossbow versions of these bows?
ALRIGHT! For the people who had the same problem as i did(cant fire the bow)i found out how to use the bows, put the arrows on your off-hand and use the bow BUT now theres a new problem when firing a bow(for me at least, mcpe user)there is no cross-hair that pops when trying to fire a bow so aiming can be a pain in the ass, if this can be fixed then this addon will be a 5-star
The bows dont seem to work, it cant fire any arrows or abilities when trying to fire it just does a hitting animation then slows down in walking well at least the bows are there but with whats happening theyre just gonna end up for display use
Could you maybe allow skeletons to have a rare chance to spawn with these bows?
Forgot to rate. Please fix the conflicts if you can.
An incredible bow add-on that opens up a ton of playstyles and utility. The nether bow is my favorite. The many applications of the bow abilities reminds me a lot of Dishonored.

Pros aside this mod seems to conflict with other weapon add-ons. A major bug is the weapon being unable to shoot. On my list of 30 add-ons I was able to replicate this bug by putting the behaviour pack of More Tools Addon v3.6 above this one. So just put the the BP of this add-on on top of other weapon BP's that should hopefully solve the issue.

This add-on should be an essential for any RPG modpack of minecraft. Since it gives bow users decent end-game bows that is very useful outside of combat.
esse addom funciona pra versao 1.16.221
I really liked your addon
I can ask a favor, it is that I would like an addon that can make me explode like a creeper by pressing the (x) key but without dying.
you could do it?
is that I don't know how to do addons and I tried to learn but I couldn't
I know it's a lot to ask but it would make me very happy :c
I can t shoot it even if I have arrow and even if I everything enabled
Why i cant shoot bows i have arrows but it doesnt work
did you turn on gametest framework? that is a must if you want the arrows to function correctly with the new bows
the creator even specified this
yea same here, I love this addon with how versatile the bows are, but bows just don't function even with everything enabled, I'm on a world with over 20 addons and this is the only one that has major issues function-wise, so maybe this addon conflicts with others? Does the addon function properly for you? and if so do you run it with other addons in your world?
Put the behaviour pack on top of your list. It seems to conflict with weapon add-ons.
I cant shoot arrows*
i can't shoot to ., :(