Published on February 12, 2024

Blocklings Addon - (Compatible With Other Addons) 1.20.x - Realms!!

This addon adds an incredible new entity in the form of Minecraft Bedrock minerals that you can tame to have as a pet. This addon is available for all versions from 1.20 onwards.

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without changes at the moment it is the first version of the addon

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Do they have any special ability?
First of all, 5 stars for this add-on.
The Blocklings are sugary-sweet. A wonderful idea.
However, the blocklings spawn everywhere. In my fully lit house and outside, day and night. I don't have to crouch for them to sit either. Pressing the right mouse button is enough to make them sit.
But no matter, we are thrilled :D
Thanks for this add-on, it makes us smile :)
Thank you for your comment, I will see to fix the errors you mention.