Published on January 25, 2022 (Updated on December 04, 2023)

Nico's Block Expansion (v1.8)

This add-on will add more compacted blocks and decorative blocks that may be useful to your survival game. Using this mod, you can able to craft more block from compressed and extracted items.

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Version: 1.8

New Additional & Changes


  • Updated for compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.41.


  • Added Granite Bricks
  • Added Granite Bricks Stairs
  • Added Granite Bricks Slab
  • Added Diorite Bricks
  • Added Diorite Bricks Stairs
  • Added Diorite Bricks Slab
  • Added Andesite Bricks
  • Added Andesite Bricks Stairs
  • Added Andesite Bricks Slab
  • Added Cracked Granite Bricks
  • Added Cracked Diorite Bricks
  • Added Cracked Andesite Bricks
  • Added a new recipe for Polished Stone, Polished Calcite, Polished Dripstone, & Polished Tuff.


Supported Minecraft versions

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The resource pack won't import for some reason. I really hope you fix this.
Just a heads up, for whatever reason the textures for this add-on do not load properly.

The Blue Light Tip Grass or Blue Tip Grass are of particular issue.
Idk if any of this spawns naturally but it should
GraysonDoesAnything December 21, 2022 at 6:45 pm
grafting table is broken
Looks like a wonderful mod, but I can't download since linkvertise wants me to download something, which I usually have a work around for, but when attempting to download it gives me a privacy error, and I can't download or do anything, maybe have a different link or a download straight through mcpedl?
this would be sick for 1.20
i want to use this in 1.19, i beg u pls
Thx ,I don't know how to rate stars here but I will give full stars for u!
Plz add foods as a block I really need it because of my mobs farm and need foods block to make it carry around the world and add as decoration and plz if u can,plz make stick and bamboo second stage walkable like slab and add glow squid ink block too.
The update yesterday broke the mod. Can you update it please?
Hello, can you please update this to 1.19.20? Ever since the new update today everything shows up as update blocks
thats because you need a block geo fixer i think
Hello, can you please update this to 1.19.20? Ever since the new update today everything shows up as update blocks /: also do you have a discord channel I can follow?
Hey! I was wondering if I could commission (payed) you to use my personal textures (I’m only using for personal, not posting it anywhere). I love what you’ve done and want to personally use it, but my textures are rather different. I sent you a friend request on Discord. HMU if interested!
Amazing, but when I use worldedit addon with this it crashes my game.
I'm unable to place the flowering tip grass
Love this addon but I've run into a couple of issues so far.

When I break a dye block it drops a white dye block.
I'm unable to place the flowering tip grass on any of the grass or moss-covered blocks.