Nitwit Black Market

This adds Trades to Nitwits as nitwits are currently useless in the game and do not trade anything. This addon turns the nitwit into a block market villager. This addon adds that nitwit will trade you items that were stolen from other villagers for fewer emeralds.

How Does It Work?

1. Get a nitwit villager.

2. Trade with it.

3. He will give you 5 stolen diamond for only 1 emerald.

4. He will offer you Overpowered Tools for only 3 emeralds each.

5. He will trade 10 diamonds for 1 Bedrock.

6. He sells enchanted books, Obsidian, and Enchanted Golden too,

How To Install?

Put the behavior pack in the behavior pack’s folder of the world.

Video for better Explanation!


Youtube = AGamingPlayz

Select version for changelog:


Added more trades to the Nitwit Villager:

Bone, Steak, Monster spawner, etc.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Hail Zaon The True Lord November 11, 2019 at 10:28 am
missing files for some reason...
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Doesn't work on xbox not enough rights
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Hey can you send me a friend request on discord? I have some ideas that would really help Windows 10 people for economy servers and more.
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Whoops forgot my ID: Drowzy#5202
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I love op things!!! Also, are villagers besides nit wits also supposed to have op trades? Because some will trade an elytra, 64 enchanted apples, etc
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Actually, I think it was because I was using another op behavior pack.
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I love both nitwit mods, but here’s an idea: combine them so Nitwits can sell both Black Market and Spawner stuff! Also, if the Nitwit were to level up like the others, that would be great!
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How to install? I’m on iPad iOS 13 beta and I can’t install by clicking, where do I put the files?
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Well i like this addon.
Maybe you can add a feature like adding curse when traded with the black market or caught trading in the black market
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Hi, I can't access on download page, I got this Error

Access Denied

Can you thix them, ty
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Neat! Could you retexture the Nitwit to look like an Illager or some kind of shady villager? I can provide the texture if you need me to (DM me on Planet Minecraft if you do).
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