OctoberPack V2.1 A(fter midnight competition)

Today we present to you a new Texture Pack for Minecraft Java and Bedrock called OctoberPack. The theme of the Texture Pack is Halloween, that's why it has the name of OctoberPack, the Texture Pack changes the following: Armor, Items, blocks, sky, Mobs, etc. The Texture Pack has a resolution of 128x128 and higher.   The Texture Pack in Minecraft Bedrock is shareable from version 1.16 to the most current, on the other hand in Minecraft Java it is compatible only with version 1.8

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List of changes:


We have added a sky personalized day and night.

New home screen image,

We have fixed some bugs.




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Just make it .mcaddon its so much easier
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I will appeal to all the creators (Addons) can you already do normal download links site linkvertise buggy impossible to download something I think you will hear