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OrePigs Add-on

You wonder why no more pigs in minecraft? Well, here I bring you a magnificent addon of more ore pigs, a complement that adds 15 new entities and gives you many minerals for your survival or to have a good time having fun with these magnificent creatures.

An addon that adds 15 new pigs (entities) that at the time of killing them will release minerals of all kinds giving you an extra bonus for the survival game.

Pigs are not currently spawning in the world due to an error in the game but they can be placed by command or by the generating egg

Pigs maintain life like a normal pig and can drop from 0 to 6 hours, beware! depending on the pig they can drop an amount from 0 to 2 from 0 to 4 and from 0 to 6 

There are 14 new types of pigs:

-Gold pig

-Iron pig

-Coal pig

-Lapizlasuli pig

-Emerald pig

-Redstone pig

-Diamond pig 

-Lgbt/Rainbow pig (it is on May 17 to show support for the community LGBT)


-Xp Pig ( 1/3 xp bottles)
-Dirt Pig (1/6 dirt block)

Version 4:



-Bread Pig

each of these has its respective spawning egg found in the inventory of creative 

The lgbt pig drops any type of mineral and ore

all pigs have different dropping mechanisms to level and not saturate your survival map

A new and unique addon in the minecraft bedrock community for the community

Creator: MarcoGamer

Twitter: @MarcoGamer_
Twitter: @TwitchTube_SC

Team: TwitchTube Creators

Thanks to BrunoBeer and DelamGameplays for the help


Select version for changelog:


-We added sounds to all mobs!
-New Links for download
-New Description
-Bugs fixed


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sick addon
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Your add-ons look good, but there is something wrong. I install everything right, but when I generate the mobs, they appear for seconds and then disappear. This happened with the complement of "chickens" and "cows". I tested it with experimental gameplay and without experimental gameplay, but the same thing happens. What should I do? Help Me
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it's strange the truth this must be more than all a game mistake

This is something that cannot be handled or edited in addons or complements.

This can happen if you combine many plugins together (suppose)

oh maybe because you have a different version of minecraft or a game bug
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Guest-5416112840 May 24, 2020 at 3:01 am
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Guest-6610048457 May 24, 2020 at 3:00 am
:3 <3 Love LGBT pig <3 <3
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Guest-6716619561 May 24, 2020 at 3:00 am
So good! Add-on and Like you LGBT pig OwO
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this addon is great for skyblock! I could make the spawn rules for the pigs :)
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Guest-3694765453 May 24, 2020 at 2:57 am
:D Orepigs v2
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Looks great, but can I use this add-on in modpack for my StoneBlock BedrockEdition map project that I'm working on. I'll definitely credit you.
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please add a adfly link
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in my discord adfly and mediafire link
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