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Published on March 16, 2021 (Updated on March 22, 2021)

Ores Support for Basic Materials

So this addon gives ore support to my basic materials addon. But what mean ore support?

It means that the ingots from my basic materials addon can generate as ores.

As you probably know, the basic materials addon adds salt, copper and steel and now this addon adds ores and smelting behavior to the ingots and the salt.

That was enough to say. Now i gonna show you the ores:

Salt ore:

Drops up to 5 salt.

Copper ore:

Can be smelted into copper.

Steel ore:

Can be smaelted into steel:

So that are all ores.

Note: this addon only works with basic materials addon (it could be that the basic materials addon isn't submitted yet but i will be soon)

Basic materials:

Cause my basic materials lib isn't submitted yet i gonna give you the download link for it. 

Here is an image of the items that this lib adds:

If you are an creator and want to use this addon as a lib for your addon. Then you may need to know some information about the ID's of the items:

Steel ingot: t:steel_ingot

Copper ingot: t:copper_ingot

Steel nugget: t:steel_nugget

Copper nugget: t:copper_nugget

Test tube: t:test_tube

Oil tube: t:oil_tube

Wither bone: t:wither_bone

Rock: t:rock

Piece of wool: t:piece_of_wool

Plastic: t:plastic

Salt: t:salt

Iron wire: t:iron_wires

Gold wire: t:gold_wire

I hope this library will be submitted soon as a seperate addon.

Hey!!! it would be cool if you would subscribe to my youtube channel!! 

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You may ask why should you subscribe to my channel? There are some reasons why you should do that:

That would support me very much

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You are not allowed to publish this addon on other websites.

You have to credit me if you're including this addon in a video

Select version for changelog:

I added files for my basic materials addon fro you to download


Click the download button

Wait until an open sign pops up

Click the open button

Normaly minecraft would open automaticly but if not there is a sign called open with: open it with mimecraft!

Let it load

Wait for it to download

Put the recource pack and the behavior into your world


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Copper will get removed with the 1.17 update
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Steel isn't an ore, it's an alloy created with fused carbon and iron (although there's usually more stuff in modern steel that makes it stronger), otherwise, pretty good
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good job although some things need to be polished, steel in mineral is something that does not exist
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Copper will get removed with the 1.17 update
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This has been said before, but copper is being officially added in 1.17. And steel is technically an alloy between iron and carbon. (The last one is less relevant because this is minecraft, and it isn't supposed to be realistic.)
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I'm sure you're aware of this, but steel isn't an ore. its an alloy between iron and coal/carbon. I would suggest making it crafted from iron ingots and coal combined or something like that.
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imagine making steel ore, couldnt be me
also im not going to rate cuz it seems like that addon you are making isnt out yet, cant rate library mods
imagine rating on a library mod
and im not trying to be mean, i promise
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A universal base pack for creators to branch off of is nice, but it's a bit odd.

Steel is a carbon and iron alloy, and with copper being added officially within a couple months, I think that the ore selection could have been a bit better.
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Yes but there are still incoming updates
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Remember if you didn't read the description you have to do it before complaining
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