OreSpiders Add-on V3

Today the TwitchTube Creators Team brings you a new addon created by DelamGameplays, this one adds Ore Spider

These 9 new spider will make your gaming experience more fun and special. 

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  • -Update-Sounds fixed 
  • -New loot files 
  • -New description for add-on
  • -New Featured Image


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they are invisible whenever you spawn them, even if they spawn in natually.
I start by saying sorry for the google translator english, my question is: are all the supplements that you create are compatible?
I would appreciate your answers :)
Can you make a addon with al the ore mobs
Another Awesome By My Dudes! :D
*Another Awesome Add-on* XD
An ore spiders addon? What’s next an ore ender dragon addon? Lol
Well I think you don't know why ore add-ons are created

It is called the saga of ore, TwitchTube will launch types of Ore add-ons by update so that users can play with all mobs

We hope you understand why they are created ;) and it is better to support the creators since they give them free content and do not charge them
Can you combine all the ore creatures addons into one addon pack, so we can use them all at once