Published on June 13, 2020 (Updated on June 13, 2020)

Piggy In Minecraft

Piggy is a brand new popular Roblox horror game that was originally made by Minitoon and now is recreated in minecraft bedrock edition as a horror map by Itsryanfire. How do I play this map? You are locked in her house and the mission is to escape by: finding keys, unlocking doors and using the right items to unlock the main door. Piggy is evil if you get close to her she will kill you. You only have one day to escape or suffer the consequences of her. The choice is yours...

I hope you like it!☺

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The maps has multiplayer now.

It should work on any mobile phone.

Reduced the texture pack for old devices for a better gameplay.



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when are you going to make new chapters?
Great, the Roblox ripoff plauge has infected minecraft as well... Great.
bruh why piggy have teacher jumpscare noice
Guest-4098425270 If You Made A Map I Dislike It Also This Map Is Cool
Guest-4098425270 if you made a map I would call it trash.
Lol i always play this everyday idk why its just fun with my friends xD
This is very bad.
Hey at least he/she Tried...
Thank you.
Make chapter 2
Hey ItsRyanFire The Map is good and i feed your permission of Customize The map and i will give you credit! ?
Joey Drew Studios June 16, 2020 at 9:24 am
Only one chapter is boring, make updates to add more chapters.
bruh i cant kill when im piggy and when my friend is piggy he cant kill too please fix this
so cool thanks i even beat it
I can't play it it not downloadable on xbox
I got it on Xbox, also it isnt made for Xbox
I thank you for this map, please, creator, create more piggy chapters, the station, the gallery, the forest, the school, the hospital, the subway, the carnival, the city, the shopping center, the distorted memory, the battle center and the last one, please, I like your map.
Hi @RyanFire! I would like to volunteer to build the other chapters, please reply if you agree!

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mate it said that its only available on adroid,ios,windows 10
the white key does not appear solve it please I put the nut or whatever but it doesn't appear