Published on August 04, 2020 (Updated on October 02, 2022)

Plants vs Zombies 2: Bedrock Edition v2.3.3

Are you one of those og fans of the game plants vs zombies and plants vs zombies 2? Well you're in luck because we will give you plants vs zombies experience in MCPE/BE.

This addon will give you nostalgia.

Important Notes:

•Addon only support minecraft version 1.19 and higher

•You can learn from the codes of this addon but remember that copying is not learning

•Turn on the following settings or else the addon won't work 

Holiday Creator Features

Custom Biomes

Upcoming Creator Features

Gametest Framework

Molang Features

•You are allowed to do a video review on video platform like YouTube, but you MUST put the proper download link [ this site ]

•If you have low end devices and the addon is crashing, you can try decreasing your render distance to prevent lag 

•Supported languages: English, Chinese

Select version for changelog:


What's new in Version 2.3.3?

*Fixed pvz menu bug, it's now functional 

*Fixed twin sunflower model 

*Increased probability of gems dropping 

*Fixed sunshroom plants food effect

General Changes

-New system for the ingame currency



     -Gold Coins


-New custom shop & addon menu gui.

-Nerfed instant plants.

-Improved digger zombie.

-Names of some plants and zombies are changed to match with the official Plants vs Zombies game.

-Minor zombies animation optimization

-Chinese translation added [beta]

Upcoming updates 


-More zombie variations 

-New overall models and textures 

-Improved UI


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Thank you for trying out our addon, the addon is still in development and may be unstable on some instances

Any feedbacks are welcome and very much appreciated
Hola muy buen mod 👑
Please do not allow others to upload your work to Minecraft in Netease, and they can obtain benefits.
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Good addon I wish you continued success
Other than my complaints, this is my favorite PVZ add-on in the game right now.
I wish you'll add more feminine zombies and also, polish it up because it gets laggy even with 4GB of RAM at my phone and with render distance at 5.
There is this bug when the shop expansion doenst show anything and it used to work until today for me pls update soon :)
Do u need experimental settings or else the game will crash when spawning a zombot?
Just your average MCBE player June 16, 2022 at 7:29 pm
Hey, I have some recommendations, ideas, and changes that you guys to asd, and also some glitches/bugs that you can fix, but warning, there's a lot of them. Ok, so there's a bug where Crazy Dave despawns or disappears randomly. Can you please fix that? Make the plants' projectiles pass through players, wolves (both wild and tamed), villagers, iron golems, and polar bears instead of hitting and damaging them. Because I'm tired of me and my dogs dying from the plants (their projectiles) whenever I try to collect the dropped zombies' loot or when I'm trying to plant new plants, and I don't want the villagers to die because I usually stay in a village and use the plants to protect to villagers and the projectiles keep killing them, and the iron golems, polar bears, and wolves keep killing the plants and they don't do anything about it so I want the plants' projectiles to not hit them. And also try to make the polar bears passive towards the plants so they can stop randomly attacking them when a baby polar bear is near them. And also please make the plants attack the Ender Dragon (and the Ender Crystals) so I can use the plants to defeat the Ender Dragon. Please function the mobs that are killed by plants to drop exp and their loot just like as if they were killed by a player or tamed wolf, and also make the zombies drop exp as well and pls add more dropped loot. Can you also make the Garden Trolley go over blocks (like make them jump over blocks). Try to add a way for me to carry existing plants with me or add movable, passive plants that you can tame with sun that behaves like a tamed wolf (follows you, and attacks hostile mobs or mobs that attack you, can be healed with bone meal) but is unbreedable but you can carry it with a flower pot. Thanks and I hope you will be able to add these in the next update! But anyways I love this mod SO MUCH, this is the best PvZ MCBE mod ever! I love the music discs, but for some reason only Zomboss drops the blue disc. Anyways thanks
Thank you very much for your feedback, your suggestions are very much appreciated, we'll try to bring your suggestions in the addon.
10/10 no question needed good mod
Very very nice
With the updates come out
Its the
I have modded this mod and have added in new plants and zombies into it however im not gonna upload it
This reminds me of RFM vs Games. It has the similar mod of this but it's only for java edition. One suggestikn is that if you could make the plants attack a stock minecraft zombie (og zombie spawnegg)?
how do you get cazy dave to trade