Published on December 06, 2020 (Updated on August 25, 2021)

LiL's Keplerians Horror Addon v5

Do you love playing Horror games? Killer Games? Then this is the right Addon for you! This addon adds Keplerians Horror Games Characters to your world, they will attempt to kill you and chase you so find a place to hide!

Important Notes:

  • You are not allowed to re-upload this Addon in any other websites without my permission
  • Your are ALLOWED to review this Addon in a YouTube video,but dont forget to put the proper download link of the Addon (this sites
  • Supports the following platforms;
  • Bedrock Edition Mobile & Bedrock - Win 10 Edition

Gameplay Video Here

Addon Characters:

•Roostel from Evil Nun 2

•Mr. Meat from the Mr. Meat game

•Rod from the Ice Scream series 

Rod is a Ice Scream Man, he loves (to kill) chubby kids for his Ice Cream product

•MiniRods from the Ice Scream series 

Janitor MiniRod

Office MiniRod

MiniRods are Rod's Workers, MiniRods will chase you if they saw you, they will electro shock you for 5 seconds making you unable to walk 

•Boris from the Ice Scream Series

Boris is Rod's Bodyguard, he always sleeps but he will kill you when you get close to him

•Evil Nun from Evil Nun 1

Beware of this nun, she is fast and will chase you when she sees you, she can jump and open doors, she will kill you with her giant hammer!

•Sister Madeline from Evil Nun 2

Beware of Sister Madeline! She is fast and will chase you when she sees you, she can jump and open doors too, she will kill you with her painful slap!

•Gummy from Evil Nun 2

This is gummy, Sister Madeline's pet, gummy is a mutant chicken, he will chase enemies and stun them for 5 seconds

•J , Mike , Charlie, and Lis from the Ice Scream series

They are the kids in the game Ice Scream, they need to run away from enemies for their lives

•Morphs Available (supports multiplayer)

Rod Morph and Evil Nun Morph

Each of them have their own animations

•Walking Animation, Attacking Animation, Idle Animation

They also have sound effects

•Walking sound

•Attack sound

•Ambient voices

Special Thanks

UseDataPlays, VinceLouis, LucasLloyd, Peam25223, DmndSlyr05, and JustineKyle

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Select version for changelog:


•Added Mr. Meat (From Mr. Meat), Lis and Charlie (Kids from Ice Scream), and Roostel (Chicken from Evil Nun 2)

•Removed items (hammer, electro gun) due to bugs - it will be back later 

•Added new sounds to chickens

•Other fixes

•Improved animations (idle and movement) the


Make sure you have read the Important Details written above

Download the file given below

Open File Manager (Recommended Z Archiver')

Go to the Downloaded file

Click open as document then choose Minecraft


Installation Guides

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4.44 / 5 (32 votes)
Can you give me the map?
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I like it but can you pls make it that the ice scream kids can open doors pls
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This is the best Addon ever❤️
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Do you think you could make the characters from the Granny series? Good addon by the way, but this is just a recommendation.
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Kelan update ng map ng nun? At yung garden warfare
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Please Make Roostel, Mr. C, Mr. Meat, Rebecca, Charlie and Lis.
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Hello I downloaded the file and then launched it in Minecraft it said not a vailed zip archive and I’m using Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 on iOS
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Wendell silva Costa July 06, 2021 at 10:47 am
e quando lançar o ice scream 5 o que você vai fazer, se fosse eu eu iria mudar o addon para ice scream 4 e 5 os dois em 1 addon seria da hora por que seria difícil fazer dois addons do game. minha opinião, parabéns addon muito bom identico ao game ✌❤
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Can I Use This for Maps?
i promise i will give you credit!
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pls java Edition pr 1.12.2
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Hello, could you give me the mod resources because I would like to make a personal map to play with my dad in Java 1.12.2 edition? I promise you that this map will not exceed the personal use
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I will use Blockbench
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Me guataria que agregaran a los otros dos gallos de evil nun 2 y tambien a charlie y a liz,eso me encataria
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