Published on July 14, 2021 (Updated on July 20, 2021)

Specimen Zero v2 Horror Addon

This addon adds specimen zero horror game characters to Minecraft, Do you love playing very scary horror games? Then you should try Specimen Zero, but in Minecraft using this addon!

Important Notes*

•Turn on Experimental Gameplay - Holiday Creator Features

•Addon support Minecraft versions 1.16 - 1.17 or higher

•Do not steal any codes , textures, or models!•If you are going to review this, leave the proper addon link - This Site

•For Map Creators - /function specimen to get extra doors and keycards and furnitures

Select version for changelog:


Nerfed Specimen Movement (-3)

Specimen and Small Specimen can open doors properly now

Added Bed and Desk (you can hide here)
Added Function (type /function specimen to get all the items)


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Yo, these creatures look like something out of a Silent Hill game. Kinda wish someone made a Silent Hill addon.
Every time the specimen hits me, it gives me random blocks and mod tools in my hot bar, am I doing something wrong?
Thx lil craft for addon its my favorite horror game btw keep going :)
I congratulate you, it is a very spectacular add-on, for the next update you can bring more creatures please.
This addon is very good but I kinda wish the spawn rate of them were a little bit more at night instead of just in the caves like version 1
I will try to implement that spawn system in the next update
Spawn Rate will Improve in the next update :)
Please make a map plsss i get you 5 stars
Hi there,your addon is so very awesome,but i have one question,can i use your addon for my map i promise i will give you credit.
Yeah sure! Just make sure to leave credits 😁
i know i Like specimen zero the game but Thanks for making This
This is an amazing addon! Please make more like it.