Plants vs Zombies 2 Map [v.2.3 / Hotfixes]

Do you love Plants vs Zombies Games? Do you want to play the game in Minecraft?Well, this is the right map for you!

My friends and me made this map so we can bring the PvZ Experience in Minecraft! There are  15+ PvZ Maps in this Minecraft world, with Zombie Spawners to make it more fun!

Important Notes:

•Map is in creative mode by default so that you can access creative inventory

•You can download the addon used in this map here

•You need Minecraft Version 1.18 to play this map

Created by Peam, Febbles, SafTheReq, and LiLCraftYT

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Addon Changelog [Hotfixes]

Latest release, we fixed some bugs reported by players.

•Bugs like background music not working on the map
•Unknown blocks on the roof level and some parts of the map replaced by Pot


Major Update
•New plants has been added [Lilypad, Blover, Electric Blueberry, Gold Magnet Shroom, Pot, Toadstool, Torchwood]
•Added plant trading system [Crazy Dave / Dave Expansion]
•Remastered penny vehicle
•All new models, textures, and animations
•Major behavior improvements
•Enhanced zombies attack range by 100, and 50 for ranged plants
•Added some missing sound effects for zombies and plants
•Added seed packets cooldown 
•Added dead bodies when zombies died 
•Damage balancing for ranged plants
•Custom pvz discs containing musics from the '12 Musicians' has been added  [Can be played thru Pvz Music Box - /give @p pvz:music_manager
•Better zen garden [1 plant for now, more will be added soon]
•Almanac has been added
•Updated icon textures
•Updated spawn rules
•Fixed logics
•Bug Fixes
•A hostile peashooter??!!


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Ntah mau ngomong apa
TheGreatWarrior2.0 May 26, 2022 at 12:27 pm
This Update Rocks! But When I Tried This That I Remember Seeing No Split Peashooter In This...
I like the addon it brings back the memory when im playing pvz
This map is awesome, and can you please add heian ages, Renaissance ages, events, arena and penny's pursuit. I will rate 5 stars for your map and addon
Music isn't working :(. But a absolutely brilliant map!
Thank you, we published some update on the link fixing the music error, you can try to redownload it again and look if the error has been fixed, thank you ^_^
What's the original addon I wanna make my own
this map is great,but where should I get a pvz flowerpot?
Is So Good i Install
Maganda tong map
Hey , lil craft , did ya uploaded the map called NUN?
Lil Craft, why there're 2 PvZ maps? This one and "Plant Vs Zombies 2 Addon v4 BUG FIX!"