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Published on January 18, 2021 (Updated on April 05, 2021)

Prismarine Addon

Did you get tired of your old tools? Did you just found an Ocean Monument with lots of prismarine and minecraft doesnt offer you much to do with them then you found the right place. This addon adds 10 new cool tools to play with in your survival world.

NOTE: You can’t steal the code or textures in any way!!! only if you ask me on twitter @sori662_pop or in the comments down below!!!
NOTE: this was tested only on PC!!! Im not sure if its working on android, ios or xbox.

This addon adds cool new tools to your survival world.

I made this for people with low end devices if they can't run my main mod!!!

NOTE: If your doing a review you are allowed only to post this mcpedl addon page link dont hurt me with direct links to mediafire! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR WHAT I DO!!!

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY is required to be activated in your world options in order to use this addon!!!.

Make sure atleast these two are enabled

-Enable Holiday Creator Feature!!!
-Aditional Modding Capabilities!!!

Code made with bridge.
3D models made with Blockbench.

NOTE: To get certains items you have to use commands like this: /give @s sp3:item_name.

V1.2 Durability fixed

This addon will add to your world the next items.

Prismarine tools are like diamond tools

Prismarine axe

damage: 6

Prismarine sword

damage: 7

Prismarine pickaxe

damage: 3

Prismarine shovel

damage: 4

Prismarine hoe

damage: 2

Mossy stick required for crafting ancient prismarine tools

Ancient prismarine tools are like netherite tools

Ancient prismarine axe

damage: 7

Ancient prismarine sword

damage: 8

Ancient prismarine pickaxe

damage: 4

Ancient prismarine shovel

damage: 5

Ancient prismarine hoe

damage: 3

Prismarine armor is betwen iron and diamond armor

Primsarine helmet

protection: 4

Primsarine chestplate

protection: 6

Primsarine leggings

protection: 5

Primsarine boots

protection: 3

Prismarine apple 

effects: regeneration III , water_breathing, absorption IV

Enchanted prismarine apple

effects: regeneration IV, speed III, water breathing, conduit power V, fire resistance, absorption IV

Note: these items/blocks can be obtained in creative with commands /give @s sp3:name
Note: enable experimental features!!!
Note: i tested this on windows 10 edition only i have no idea if its working on android or ios.

NOTE: If your doing a review you are allowed only to post this mcpedl addon page link dont hurt me with direct links to mediafire! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR WHAT I DO!!!

Hope you like my work!!!

Check out my youtube channel if you want :)

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Updated all the links

Links moved to linkvertise

Bug fixes.


Download both the resource pack and behaviour pack and click on them to start the instalation process then enable experimental gameplay in world options.

People having trouble updating to the newest version of this addon follow these steps. Its because you get duplicated pack error cuz i dont update my manifest in ongoing projects and minecraft thinks its the same as my old addon.
-Go to Minecraft setting
-Scroll down to Storage click on resource packs then behaviour packs
-Search for my old addon version in both resource packs and behaviour packs
-Then delete the old one
You are ready.
All you have to do now is to install the newest version.

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bruh, how does a sharp Hoe that can cut off someone's body or nick in half is weaker than a shovel?
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But you can hit someone in the head with a ashovel and die so
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Would be cool to make the armor look a bit like the trident
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Do you use an app to make your addons?
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