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Published on June 28, 2019 (Updated on June 28, 2019)

Prison Break

In this map, you'll  have to use your wits and skills to escape from a maximum security prison. You have to parkour, do a dropper and even a find the button.

The levels in this map include a:


Find the Item



Find the Button


Click download and enjoy playing!


  • Prison Break.mcworld

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2.86 / 5 (14 votes)
Wont import :(
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Also,Can you make a part 2 plz! I need to know what happens! Btw its FrostAden
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It won't import
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An amazing game! Keep it up!
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Hey man, don't listen to the comments hating on the map, cause it is really good.
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ok one the stone is a little herd to find in the first room 2 i cant find the gunpower or sand or crafting table so i cant get past level 2 not very good game i dont like it to much
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i got past room 1 and the pipes but i cant find the crafting table and i only got 8 gunpowder and 6 sand is this part of the game? someone please help me if you know
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How to Import zip datas? :(
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parkour was impossible with 3 players, one player dying killed everyone
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Don’t like the desing
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Very bad can’t escape so 3 stars off
And does not look very professional so 1 star off
1 star
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I can’t escape the room where I am in first
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This map is honestly good! Prison needs improving tho... And I would like a automatic conversation when finishing a task. But other than that, this map is cool!
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