Published on April 18, 2024 (Updated on May 22, 2024)

Realismo Graphics - More Realist v1.2 | Support RenderDragon ( Compatible With Low Resource Devices )

Realismo Graphics is back but now with new features that add more realism to Minecraft, the best of all is that it does not affect performance at all so you should not worry about that.

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Realismo Graphics v1.2

  • Bloom effect has been added to some bright and illuminated blocks.
  • Realistic water texture.
  • Link settings have been changed for this post to be approved.
  • Some details were clarified so that the presentation is clearer and more precise.


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Ilumination effect of blocks are fake, but it's really a good idea
this literally has two types of photos of different shaders bro.
don’t even work
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