Published on June 02, 2018 (Updated on June 02, 2018)

727347460: Ruins On Land At Spawn

This seed will spawn you on the coast of an oak forest and there you will find an ocean ruin which normally is generated in the ocean, but in this seed has for some strange reason been generated on land. Inside the ruin you will find a chest with a treasure map. There are also multiple different biome types within a close proximity. All of these things combined makes it a fun and useful seed for survival gameplay.

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this seed supercool!!!
Sadly, I was standing in the exact spot it should have been and it wasn't there. The coral reefs, other ruins, extreme hills, and forests were the same, but not the on-land ruins.
same thing happend to me. Luckily Its a good spawn. I already have iron, amour. Almost iron tools (not hoe and i need a iron axe) so this changed the rating from 2 to three?
2 things where is the skeleton spawner? And where did you get that picture of the land around the spawn
This seed is super cool
When I went into the jungle biome on this world, the coco beans were VERY oversized. A full one was about 3x3x4 blocks.
Hello this is pretty cool but i want to see other places like tons of villages nearby each other
Try the seed: Roblox Sux
It has a mansion so close to spawn that you don't even have to move!!!!
I found a cross
OMG, mala señal xd
Who saw herobrine at the picture?
btw there r SO MANY more ruins nearby
there are treasure chests below every ruin in mc