An addon based on SurviCraft4 where the mobs are extremely strong and the biomes are contaminated by a dark purple power, this Addon has new features such as loot and giant mobs that help to have an incredible and difficult gaming experience.

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New update of the SC-MEGAMOBS ADDON Nether Update pack

As many asked here I bring you the new version 3.0 of nether update from SC-MEGAMOBS that brings many new features to the mobs of the Nether

then the list of new things

New Features

1-blaze now emits 15 more life damage from 35 to 30 measures 4 times more

2-bat now has 16 life

3-Endermite is now 10% larger and deals 15 damage

4-Ghast is now 3 times bigger and has 30 more life

5-ZombiePigman is now 2 times larger and deals 10% more damage

6-Wither Skeleton now has 40 life and measures 3 times more also the time of the wither effect lasts 15 seconds

7-Wither now has 800 life and is 5 times larger

8-Iron Golem now has 200 life and measures 2 times more

9-CaveSpider is now 1 time smaller and has 32 life

10-RABBIT is now a little bigger and has 22 life


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the link dosent work
Can you please make a zip file?
id luv theat
Villager news

Hey Can You Give me the mediafire link plz
Link does not work
love it man. hopefully you keep updating it
Me encanta que los mobs sean grandes y peligrosos, me gustaria que se agregaran mas mobs o un bioma de esta tematica para no remplasar siertas cosas
I think you should check and fix the English description, unless you really meant "PIGS: NOW DRUGS FROM 1 TO 4 CHULETAS" and "Zombie: drink the double of cooked meat"
I do not speak English, my first language is Spanish. sorry for the bad translation
Do you have to use the resource pack or you can just use behavior?
you have to use the resource pack :P
Please fix the sides of the blocks cause their not purple like the top and it looks weird
is the first beta I will try to release version 0.2.2 as soon as possible this month or the other
Nice addon, but can you make a way to remove the texture pack causing everything to be purple? It messes up some of my other texture packs.
I will try but it is not confirmed